Earth Technologies Offers Plethora of Energy Saving Solutions

Traditional ways of energy generation cause rapid exhaustion of precious natural resources and gallons of carbon emissions. If the earth and lives are to be saved, alternative energy generation means are to be undertaken.
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El Metn, Lebanon ( December 8, 2011 - El Metn, Lebanon, December 5, 2011- Earth Technologies, based in El Metn, Lebanon, offers various energy saving solutions, thereby reducing worries caused from gallons of carbon emissions into the environment. These alternative energy generation means are being deemed to be congenial for clean Earth preservation and helpful for reduction of electric consumption costs.

It is said that solar thermal heating system, photovoltaic arrays, LED illuminating lights and wind turbines lower the costs for electric costs. The manufacturers of these devices are quoted as confirming that these devices can save costs up to 90 per cent and can save environment at the same time.

"If we would have learnt to use these energy saving devices only from a few decades ago and if the use of these devices would have been widespread, then the effects of environment pollution could have been reduced significantly," said the CEO of Earth Technologies.

This is the most important reason why these energy saving devices and their use need to be promoted. These devices use renewable energies, such as sunlight and wind. Both of these sources are endless and have only good impact on our earth and lives. Contrarily, the reserves of coal and crude oil are fast depleting. Ecologists have already sounded a warning that if there is any kind of ecological imbalance then it will have adverse effects on the lives.

"We have been having seminars, workshops and the like time to time to broaden the width of knowledge of our people about the merits of such energy saving solutions that use only renewable energy sources," said the CEO of Earth Technologies. But, he pointed out that the environment related consciousness of people is strikingly limited and they are not even interested in knowing them broadly, let alone setting up the infrastructure.

The initial cost for setting up these devices may be little higher but the consumption cost is never recurring and their maintenance cost is also very low. And for this very reason, these energy saving devices have become quite popular among commercial and industrial sectors, where the recurring costs for electricity consumption is high.

"Across domestic sector the use of such devices as solar thermal heating system, photovoltaic arrays, is not up to the mark, although it is believed that if people come to know of their benefits they would definitely rush to have them," said the CEO. For this, awareness building campaigns need to be performed with much higher initiatives.

Use of renewable energies for the purpose of electricity generation would definitely make our earth a better place. The initiatives from such organizations as Earth Technologies are truly commendable and its innovative designs with cost-effective infrastructure plans are definitely helpful for popularization of these devices.


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