Tools Needed by Security Experts against Cybercrime

Security experts need tools to battle cybercrime. Here are some of the tools that most experts are using today.
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Albuquerque, NM ( December 7, 2011 - Without a doubt, masters degree information security experts need the right tools in battling cybercrime. There are a lot of tools that they could use, from the old ones to the recent tools and all of them are effective in preventing cybercrime if used properly. Some of these tools are the following.

A Sandbox

Okay, let us say you have a Stuxnet copy and you want to check it, or you want to test the legitimacy of a certain downloadable flash player. If you want to avoid damage to your desktop, you have to download them into the sandbox.

One kind of sandbox is the VMWare. VMWare is like having the opportunity of having numerous servers running on different OS that can be turned on or off anytime. If there is a malware that targets the NT system of Windows, then download that content to a fresh and different Windows system. If the malware corrupts the system, then delete it. If you want to work on the system before it was corrupted, then revert the state of the desktop before the malware was even installed.

The Google Diggity

If ms in information security graduates and cyber experts want to test how vulnerable their systems when exposed in the Internet, then this tool is perfect. Since Google would block some researchers trying to test different systems that are exposed to the Web, the Google Diggity is a big help for them. Because this tool allows them to have leverage on Google API and perform Google Hacking; it also integrates with Google RSS and Google Alerts, thus you will receive a message on their email on how vulnerable is their systems. With this tool, researchers will know how vulnerable is their system and what is its scope.


Before this tool was released, researchers never had the proper environment where they can test some Web Services. And the security of the Web services is important, since these services are integrated in the frameworks where Web applications are built. If there's vulnerability in a certain Web service, it could mean that all those system with the same vulnerable service is open for cyber attacks. The Damn Vulnerable Web Services or DVWS is the suitable playground for researchers to test Web services.

The v3rity

This tool is al about forensics; a tool for researcher who enters the scene of the crime after the breach has occurred recently. Researchers can use this tool to trace the perpetrator; looking for any digital footprint; understanding his methods on circumnavigating the security or how he exploited the vulnerability of the system. The tool can even help recover the corrupted files and restoring some original details before the breach occurred. Researchers will be presented with the complete picture of that vile activity that happened on the database; it will paste together all the telltale signs in the breach that could be found on redo logs, data files, memory and undo segments. However, we will still have to wait for tools that can look into other databases in a network system.

The Brains

Even with the hundreds of tools, gadgetry and methods experts who are graduates ms information security will use, nothing beats the importance of the human brain. And it has been proven time to time. Being ahead on the never-ending story of cat and mouse between cyber criminals and security experts is increasingly difficult. Vulnerabilities are always available and they can be exploited anytime. In fact, criminals have grown more sophisticated in the recent years and that some malware can evade the detection of security features and tools.

Since the technology is always changing, newer platforms for cyber attacks are always available, and the current security measures are being left behind in the dust by the new methods of these criminals. Security companies and large industry leaders like Microsoft is already asking the help of the public; it is because they know that out in the public is one of the brainiest people who can help in research, analysis and development in new and much better security programs.

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