Now Aromhuset's great flavours are available for the water dispenser at work

As a manager it is important to have alert, focused, happy and thankful employees. To foster company growth it is important to show appreciation to employees and give clear indications that they are important
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Svedala, Sweden ( December 6, 2011 - By offering employees free access to cold, fresh water they will get not just refreshment when they need it, but a clear gesture that their health and well-being is important to the company, and fresh carbonated water with added flavours from makes it even better.
There are a number of ways to provide water at the office. The latest, now being launched by Aromhuset through Gert Strand AB, is the possibility of having flavoured, carbonated water at work. With Strand's new pump bottle you can easily add the flavour yourself. One pump is enough for a standard plastic cup of around 150 ml, and 3-4 pumps is enough for half a litre of water. Using this system employees can have access to fresh, cold water, natural or carbonated, and with flavours that contain neither sugar nor artificial sweeteners, meaning they are more likely to drink fresh water at work, and stay refreshed, alert, and focused on the job.

A water dispenser that delivers flavoured, carbonated water is a small investment with a big payoff for the office atmosphere. The dispenser acts as a social hub where people can pause a moment, take a few breaths, exchange a few words with colleagues, and top up the body's water level. It is a pleasant break that every worker should be able to enjoy at regular intervals before returning to their station feeling refreshed and with renewed focus on their work.

Flavoured water at work is a new concept being launched by Aromhuset. Water dispensers have been around for some time - even dispensers that deliver carbonated water - but flavoured sparkling water in the workplace is new. There are six flavours in Aromhuset's selection for the workplace: apple, pomegranate, melon, peach, raspberry and blueberry. They all come in pump bottles containing 270 ml of essence, which is enough for 385 glasses, or 58 litres of carbonated water.

The flavours in Gert Strand's selection work best in cold, carbonated water, where the carbonation helps bring out the flavours, and water keeps its fizz best when it is cold, meaning these flavours work best in dispensers with both cooling and carbonation units - things most dispensers have today.

Gert Strand AB has, under the brand name Aromhuset, previously launched 16 flavours in smaller bottles of 30 ml aimed at private consumers. These have been a great success because of the rich tastes, and the fact they contain neither sugar nor artificial sweeteners - a fact today's health-conscious consumers are constantly on the lookout for.


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