The Best Dental Health Insurance for Dental Patients Is the One That Fits the Patient's Needs, says Dental Insurance Expert.

Determining the best dental insurance is simply a matter of cost and services, says Insurance Advice HQ's managing director, Karl Blue.
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Solihull, NY ( November 29, 2011 - November 29, 2011 - Determining the best dental insurance is simply a matter of cost and services, says Insurance Advice HQ's managing director, Karl Blue.

"Services can be thought about in two ways, with the first concerning itself with how many services you are paying for or how many services are provided for the cost," says Mr. Blue.

"The second is how many services you'll be anticipating you may need in a calendar year," he adds.

The Insurance Advice HQ professional further notes that if a client knows he or she may need a $1,700 bridge work, then maybe, it would be more cost-effective to pay a higher premium that attracts a smaller deductible.

Mr. Blue advices clients to first think about the types of services that will be needed before they are really needed, because it will help to analyze cost and cost effectiveness of available dental plans.

"Sometimes the most expensive plan is the best options," Blue said, even though there are many plans available for patients to consider. However, he is encouraging dental patients to always make it their habit of shopping around for quality insurance plans that fit their particular needs.

Even though Mr. Blue admits it would be difficult to label any one type of dental insurance as the best dental insurance, he pointed to three basic types of dental insurance policies available to the general public. He says each is different from the other in how they approach dental care and what they may provide for coverage.

These dental plans are a PPO, HMO and a Discount Dental Service.

Concerning the PPO plan, Mr. Blue noted that this is usually the most expensive as it relates to rates, and the most popular because it allows dental patient to choose their own providers. "This is important because not all dentists are the same, because many people are actually afraid of going to the dentist, and when that fear is real, finding a dentist that works for the patient is important," he notes.

"The PPO insurance plan," he adds, "usually has several options for orthodontic insurance coverage too."

Second in line is the HMO. This Blue says is usually the least expensive of the two types of traditional insurance (HMO and PPO), but it is restrictive in how much it pays for services. Under this plan, the dental patients must choose their dental providers based on a list of providers contracted with the plan.

Even though not all dentists accept HMO dental insurance, Mr. Blue says discloses that the HMO dental plan usually has several options available for Orthodontic Insurance plans, though again. This plan can also call for patients to pay more for this service both in terms of premiums and in terms of how much the HMO plan actually covers.

Finally, the Discount Dental Service Mr. Blue points out is a cooperative plan that has limited services, and is usually has a one-time paid fee option with the balance of services paid for by the patient. "This can be a good plan for people if their teeth are in good health and they only require basic dental service throughout the year," said Mr. Blue, who also noted that these types of plans usually do not cover major dental work and are not considered a top pick for orthodontic insurance.

Of the three types of dental insurance listed above, Insurance Advice HQ dental insurance specialist says the best dental insurance is the one that fits his or her dental patient's needs.

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