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Some video game fanatics are still trying to get their hands on a new Playstation 3 but hesitate to pay the $300 price that most traditional retailers are charging.
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Iowa city, IA ( November 24, 2011 - Some video game fanatics are still trying to get their hands on a new Playstation 3 but hesitate to pay the $300 price that most traditional retailers are charging. The price has come down a little bit from the $400 asking price when the system was new, but $300 is still too much for some people to pay.

If you are looking to buy yourself or someone you know a new PS3 or, even better, want to win a PS3 you might consider trying your skill at a penny auction site like

Penny auction sites are very much like traditional online auction sites. Users sign up, create an account and fund their account buying bids for just one penny each. You can use these to bid on items worth hundreds of dollars or more, but each of your bids costs you just a penny. Who ever posts the most bids wins the item. Because the bids cost just a penny, your final payment for the item is always much, much less than the actual retail cost. Paying pennies on the dollar for your state-of-the-art electronic devices, like a PlayStation 3, is not just a dream with penny auctions, it's a reality.

If you want to know how to win a PS3, start by visiting and begin learning your way around penny auctions. With a penny auction you stand the very best chance at not just winning a new PS3 but paying a whole lot less than you would at traditional retailer. Traditional retailers make their money by buying and storing a huge inventory, employing dozens of people and paying monthly costs like utility bills, rent and service fees, then passing all those costs on to their shoppers in the form of high prices.

This is not what you want. What you want is to a win a PS3 at a penny auction site where you can pay just pennies on the dollar for brand new, top-of-the-line electronics. Everything you buy on a penny auction site is first rate, brand new and comes with a guarantee. Plus, because bids cost just a penny you can afford to bid as much as you want. Ten bids cost you just a dime, but could win you an item worth $100 or more. A brand new automobile, worth thousands of dollars could costs you just a thousand bids. That's only $100, far less than you would pay even for a decent used car.

Why pay the high prices charged at even the big box stores when you could get top rated items for just pennies on the dollar at a penny auction. Plus, it is fun to bid and win, like a hunter in search of his prey, you can find your item, track it and win it, walking away with a prize that is well worth your time and your pennies.

If you want to learn more about the fun and profit to be had from penny auction sites visit today and start bidding right away.


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