It is Best to Report Cybercrime to Authorities

Cybercrime happens all the time; unfortunately not all victims will automatically report the crime to the authorities. They didn't know they can obtain a lot of help from authorities and it could also help the authorities capture the culprit.
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Albuquerque, NM ( November 24, 2011 - To some people, cybercrime only affects those who are using the Internet most of the time and not them. The idea may sound right, but it is totally untrue. Cybercrimes not only affect unwitting individuals in the Internet, but it can also affect industries, government security and also national and global economies. This is the reason why each and every one of us has to be aware of the threats of cybercrime and report it to the authorities.

There is a lot of cybercrimes that could happen to you and to anyone else in the world. We always hear masters degree in information security, experts on TV or read about their published works regarding dangerous cybercrimes in the Internet that targets different industries as well as individuals like malware, botnets, viruses, worms, Trojans, DDoS attacks, hacking, breaches in the security, credit card fraud, scams, phishing and theft (important private information and data) and many more. These crimes could possibly lead to damages to a company's name and financial stability, which could possibly lead to downsizing of employees and bankruptcy. To a single individual it could lead to financial loss or a possibility of being framed for another cybercrime he didn't do.

There are other cybercrimes that could damage not the financial stability of an individual but his or her personal well-being such as identity theft, online harassment, cyber bullying or even sexual harassments on the Internet. Although it is not a serious as others, these crimes still need attention.

The report of Symantec has classified computer viruses and malware; fraud on credit cards, hacking, identity theft, online scams, online harassment, online phishing and even sexual predation on the Web as means of cybercrime. That is really a broad spectrum of crime and some are considered to be much more serious than others.

These cybercrimes aren't just the problems of individuals and industries as well but also to law enforcement agencies and Internet authorities. That is the reason why, they always encourage cybercrime victims to report the crime so that they could prevent any further damage to the industry and to themselves.

According to a certain prosecutor, everyone has the ethical, civil as well as legal obligations to alert the authorities as well as law enforcement agencies when it comes to cyber threats. Companies shouldn't be afraid to report the event and they shouldn't worry about having it published in the headlines of the morning newspaper. It could help the law enforcement agencies to stop these criminals in their tracks and put them behind bars.

Authorities will not allow the sensitive information regarding the attack to become public and they can help resolve the issues regarding the compromised information about the attack. Furthermore, authorities can help mitigate the damage of the bad publicity of having a compromised network in a certain company. They can even offer better solutions to make good publicity to help uplift the image of the company. One renowned masters degree information security expert have said that nowadays, companies aren't worried about bad publicity anymore compared to before, they are much worried when existing customers and investors of the company will know about the situation and come forward to file lawsuits against the company.

Furthermore, law enforcement agencies are sensitive to the various issues that are related to the company. Whenever, companies call for the help of law enforcement agency to respond for an attack, they will automatically understand that the company is suffering a crisis. The authorities will understand that this event is unusual to the company and they also understand that the company needs their help to prevent any further damage. And if the authorities recognized the attack pattern of the criminal, they can direct the network administrators of the company to another possible vulnerability they might have, which the criminal will likely next target. Authorities can provide important information that could help a company.

Since the authorities are experienced when it comes to handling cybercrime, they can direct ms in information security expert of the company on what files to copy and the files that need to be protected and not overwritten. This way they can preserve the data which could help track the culprits.

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