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Whenever conducting business transaction over the web, it is important to know that the website is secured and ensures privacy. That is why it is important to look for that SSL certificate or logo.
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Albuquerque, NM ( November 23, 2011 - At the dawn of the age of Internet, it never crossed the mind of many individuals using the Internet about the importance of the website's security as well as the privacy of Internet users. As the technology and Internet progresses over the years, many Internet users have finally realized the importance of site security and also their privacy within the website. This happened because of the increasing dangers found in the internet like hackers and malicious software like viruses, worms and Trojans.

It was back in 1994 when Netscape launched the very first SSL or Secure Socket Layer. The SSL is a safe and secure means to send sensitive data or information over the Internet. Soon the newer version of the said service was released it was called the Transport Layer Security or TLS. However, it was still routinely called or known as the SSL designation.

Before the SSL was introduced on the internet in the early years of the Web, it was not easy to ensure ones privacy over the Internet when making any online transaction. It is a known fact that a person would not easily trust another person or group of person he or she does not know. This general distrust became prevalent on the Web and that it became hard to conduct any transaction on the Web, because user fear that their important credit card details, banking information, account name and password will be known to a third party organization or person. Internet users were afraid that their information could be used for mischief or any unauthorized purchase.

Nowadays, there are a lot of websites who uses SSL for the users' security and privacy. Of course, before these companies could have and SSL on their website, their system has to undergo a security audit or penetration testing. The pen testing will show the vulnerabilities of a company's system and the companies will enhance their security in these areas, erasing all those possible vulnerabilities on their system's structure.

In the event that the company's network system and website is secure thanks to the pen test, they will use and SSL to further improve the security of the website and the privacy of the Internet user. The SSL will use a unique encryption technique in order to send the credit card data and personal information over the Web. The information will be rendered useless to the third party viewer (if there are some) unless they have the right decoding tools and skills.

When using SSL Digital Certificates, it provides an impressive level of trust because the certificate will verify first the authenticity of the user. In order to instill trust into the existing and potential customers of the company, it is important to make use of this certificate. In fact, many wise consumers tend to avoid any online store if these stores do not have SSL certificates. If the online store does not use SSL certificate, important information like credit card details and banking details can be easily obtained by third parties who have vile plots in mind with those important information.

In encrypting data, a higher numbered bit key provides higher level in encryption; is generally harder to break and is more effective in protecting information than a lower numbered bit key. If the data that needs protection is just your name, age and address, then a 40 bit key is enough but other data like banking details, credit card data and others may need 128 bit keys. This is what most financial institutions and also banks use in protecting client data.

If you are an online retailer or businessman, it is pretty normal that you would be asking the important data of your client. However, you do not have to be surprised when a customer readily agrees and is too willing if you have and SSL security on your website. But if you don't have, then be prepared to lose potential customers. Customers are smart and they will always look for that SSL security certificate or that lock symbol on the lower right corner of their browser. If it is unlocked, then the website does not use SSL, thus making it unsafe to do transactions.

To sum it all up, if the website requires passwords and important personal data, SSL certificate will be needed to keep the transaction safe, secure and private.

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a member-based organization that certifies individuals in cybersecurity and e-commerce. It is the owner and developer of 20 security certifications. EC-Council has trained over 90,000 security professionals and certified more than 40,000 members. These certifications are recognized worldwide and have received endorsements from various government agencies. They also offer trainings in penetration testing[/b[.

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