GPMD Paves the Future in Ecommerce through Innovative Use of Open Source Software

An attractive, customer friendly, properly run ecommerce website is no small feat, and those endeavoring to undertake the task soon realize this if they had not at the outset.
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London, United Kingdom ( October 11, 2010 - An attractive, customer friendly, properly run ecommerce website is no small feat, and those endeavoring to undertake the task soon realize this if they had not at the outset. When most people think of ecommerce web design, they initially may not consider open source software as a platform. However, GPMD is changing the way that people think about open source design software with creative, custom websites that most would have difficulty recognizing as open source platform websites.

The main advantage of open source software is the freedom that it affords web designers and developers. Unlike regular software, developers have access to the source code of open source software. Such access allows designers and developers the ability to modify the original software in order to create a program that is more suitable for specific needs. In theory, this is a designer's dream. In reality, though, there are a few flaws.

In the past, web designers have shied away from open source software, because it was often known to be "buggy" and unreliable. Support was often lacking, and working with the software was challenging for designers who faced delays because of support issues. A lot of time was wasted searching for answers on forums and other places online. For this reason, most web designers and consultants shunned open source platforms as a viable option.

More recently, however, developers have come to realize the possibilities of open source software - content management systems in particular. One design company that uses open source ecommerce software extensively is GPMD. Knowing the past problems often inherent with this type of software leaves potential clients wondering why a design company would willingly choose to employ such a design approach.

When asked why their company chooses to use open source ecommerce software so extensively, a representative for explained, "We pride ourselves on offering our clients the best possible solutions for their ecommerce needs. We offer total solutions from planning to design to SEO to implementation. And yes, that includes the use of open source software in many cases. Our customers benefit since we do not have to pay huge licensing fees, which means we can charge much less than other companies for quality design work."

He continued, "We know that there were often problems with this type of software in the past, but the support for many of top open source programs has improved and evolved. In addition, since we work with open source ecommerce software almost exclusively, our own programmers have studied the platforms and have developed unique ecommerce applications and plug-ins that no other company offers."

Successful ecommerce websites are powered by outstanding content management software. Though open source ecommerce software has been plagued by issues in the past, innovative companies such as GPMD are busy reshaping the way clients think about open source by developing attractive, user friendly web sites and content management systems at a cost that fits within most budgets.

For more information on how your company can benefit from open source web design solutions, call 020 7183 1072 or visit GPMD at


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