Obesity Costs U.S. Companies Billions Of Dollars Each Year

The large number of overweight employees with poor health status affects the productivity of U.S. companies.
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New York, NY (prHWY.com) November 9, 2011 - American employees who are overweight and have chronic health problems such as hypertension or asthma are causing an annual loss of productivity amounting to 153 billion dollars, according to a latest government study.

Only one in seven American employees, ie a rate of 13.9% of the workforce has a normal weight and do not suffer from any chronic disease. But more than 30% of workers who are overweight and in addition are suffering of a chronic illness are missing on average one day a month from work due to health problems which translates into a loss in productivity of 32 billion dollars a month.

Significant Costs To Health Services

Total cost of productivity losses in the United States - 153 billion dollars - is four times higher than in Britain, where 20% of the workforce is healthy compared with 14% in the U.S.. This means that the sick Americans that are missing from work in one year of service are costing the companies over 450 million dollars more than their healthy co-workers.

In addition to the costs caused by the lack of productivity, employers spend more on medical services that benefit only overweight people. U.S. companies are paying their obese employees up to 42% more than for their normal weight workers. But there are ways through which companies can reduce costs. For every dollar the companies are investing in wellness programs (Healthy Living) they win back between three to six dollars.

In this study were questioned about 110,000 employees.

Losses to the Americans overweight looks like this:

-Overweight without chronic diseases: 5,12 million dollars

- Overweight with one or two chronic diseases: 32.15 billion dollars

-Overweight with three or more chronic diseases: 81.31 billion dollars

- Those with normal weight and three or more chronic diseases:.85 billion dollars

Here you can see the difference in costs compared to those with obesity and those without. This problem became increasingly serious and the U.S. government is trying to counteract with educating programs and teaching people about the benefits of a healthy living.

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