101 Ways To Romance A Pretty Woman

101 Ways To Romance A Pretty Woman," is a brand new dating guidebook for single men seeking to have lasting relationships with women. The book explores differences in both behavior and attitude, and is a must read for single men.
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New York City, NY (prHWY.com) November 2, 2011 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

With male and female relationships being the ongoing popular mystery of our time, it is no surprise to discover new relevant and informative ideas regarding romance and love. Men have often bore the burden of initiating and inviting love to fulfill their needs, but too often find their own inexperience a challenge with the opposite sex and a puzzle as to what women really desire and seek in sustaining romance.

"101 Ways to Romance a Pretty Woman" by Preston Hill has been released worldwide and is available now at Amazon.Com Kindle as well as Barnes & Noble Nook and other stores around the world, including a hard copy.

With insightful tips as to what attracts a women when it comes to romance, Preston with his easy writing style, makes it fun and interesting to comprehend his no nonsense guidebook for fun and lasting love! Preston delves into such topics such as confidence, spontaneity, humor and body language.

He emphasizes appearance, self esteem and security on point: "Though it seems like a near impossible task, some women want their lover to sense their desires without actually being told what they want. She speaks the language of innuendo and from a few small hints; he is expected to know whether to wait until sometime later to make his move or to take her right where she stands. Unfortunately, this puts the inexperienced man at quite a disadvantage and the experienced man in the awkward position of having to make assumptions based on his past experiences." Mr. Hill's writing clarifies and delivers understanding in a communicative and open approach that is a delight to interpret.

This little gem of a book sets out to create more love in the world and assist men in the mysteries of romance. At around ten dollars on Kindle and $18 hardback, this single man's guidebook is worthy reading and may just start a fire where there was none! Preston Hill offers helpful tips like how to save cash when heading out on a date and still have fun, as well as outlooks on expectations and improving family relations. He follows the book title with an Appendix of "101 Romantic Things To Do On A Date!" The book is chocked full of valuable information. Should the book be required reading in colleges today? Quite possibly!

Learn more at: http://101WaysToRomanceAPrettyWoman.com

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