Personal Statement Examples Help Applicants to College and Graduate Studies in Tough Economy

With the right usage of personal statement examples, applicants to college and graduate studies like law school, medical school or MBA programs can get a competitive advantage over other applicants that are surging to more competitive schools due
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Cathedral City, CA ( November 2, 2011 - (Cathedral City, CA, 11/02/11)With the threats of double deep recession hanging over the United States and the rest of the world, an increasing number of high school and college graduates are looking at education as a way to weather this protracted financial storm. Many people are looking at reinvesting in themselves to more education, better training or further certification as a way to improve employment chances, increase employability or increase their prospect of being promoted. More and more people are looking at education as a reinvestment. This makes a lot of sense because it does improve human capital. Also, the cost of this reinvestment is pushed back because of federal student loan rules that allow college loan payment to be deferred if a person goes on to apply to another course of study. For example, somebody took out loans to go to college and decided to apply to law school. By applying to law school, the loans that are due for college could be deferred.

The competitive edge

While all this human capital reinvestment and investing in a better education for one's self is a great thing, it also prompts a flight to quality. Put simply, lower-rank schools probably will not get as much of a boost in terms of number of applicants. However, more competitive and more prestigious schools will tend to experience an influx of applicants for a few select spots. The reason for this is degrees from more competitive schools are more sought after by employers and carry a lot more prestige, which boosts employability and promotability. The personal statement essay is just one part of the three-part admissions package. In most situations in most academic programs, an application package consists of the applicant's grades, aptitude or entrance test scores and the personal statement essay.

While personal statement essay cannot be a silver bullet that would get you into the school of your choice, regardless of bad grades or really low aptitude score, it does help in many situations by fully rounding out the applicant. If faced with two applicants that have roughly the same numbers and one turned in an unclear and undifferentiated personal statement essay, the other applicant who took the time to come up with a memorable essay will get a competitive advantage. has released a short guide on how applicants to college, MBA, law, medical and graduate school programs can boost their chances by writing a winning personal statement using personal statement examples. This guide is located at which will step applicants through the precise process of finding the right personal statement examples. These examples are not to be plagiarized. They are meant to help the applicant formulate and strategize their own custom essay. strongly encourages applicants to write their own original materials and strongly discourages plagiarism or other unethical practices.

About is a leading personal statements examples clearing house and application essay writing resource. They help applicants to college, MBA, and medical, law and graduate school programs organize their own personal information and strategize their essay organization to boost their chances of admission.


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