SPEAK LIKE A CEO by Suzanne bates ensures that you communicate clearly and effectively.Learn how to deliver excellent speeches and develop communication skills for a lifetime.
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Tujunga, CA (prHWY.com) November 1, 2011 - Leadership is something that is not inborn;it's acquired by experience and confidence and off course knowledge of the related field is above all.A leader poses the quality of public speaking and when he speaks people hear him attentively because he is highly responsible person whose each and every word is meaning full.When we talk about public speaking then there are many speakers those speaks well but there are not very long list of people those really have substance.So,if you want to attract people then
Speak like a ceo.They really look and sounds like leaders.The content plays important role there and technical skills are not enough.It's not completely depends on what you say but how you make it more compelling and clear.
Message in the speech is extremely important as it is the foundation,without this you can't inspire others and you can't be called a leader. You are just a speaker without a message in your speech.Talk about big things and big ideas in your speech. Each speech or presentation needs a big idea. People always remember big things and big ideas. By adding this in your speech you can make it more enthusiastic and relevant to others.
A big idea has long life.It doesn't mean that to give a message or talk about a big idea you need a long speech, no you can make it precise also but each and every word of this should have the potential to bind the mind of the listener.Talk about current topics, nobody like to hear old things and proven facts. Speak like a CEO and behave like him.Talk about things that really matters for others.Keep your speech simple so that people can easily understand and relate with it. Never try to be complex as complexity makes people confuse and it can distract their mind form the speech. Make your speech straight forward so that it can be remembered for long.Be optimistic.When you are a CEO you have faced good times and bad, and you have balanced it with hope and encountered with reality.Optimism is a hallmark of leadership.It opens the door to possibility.Positive approach is also important.It's crucial and main element of leadership.Offer positive ideas in your approach and show a solution of every problem.Talk about the future.
When we suffer from tough times then we see towards those people to whom we got inspired. Such people's life shows us the way.Futuristic approach helps people to overcome by working hard.Continuous efforts are necessary for this.Realistic and practical approach is also necessary.Many things matters when you
Speak like a ceo.A CEO is a confident personality that encourages people and shows them opportunities and solutions of every problem.

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