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The recession has driven up competition among the most select academic institutions. More and more people are flocking to higher quality schools to maximize their chances of employment once they graduate.
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Bellevue CA, CA ( November 1, 2011 - (Turlock, CA, 11/01/11) - As the economy has created chronic unemployment in the United States, more and more people are going back to school to reinvest in their human capital. They are going back to school to maximize their chances of employment after they graduate, to increase the possibility of being promoted in their current job or just to wait out the long unemployment period.

Focusing on admission essay

Regardless of their motivation, this has really pushed competition among middle-tier to top-tier schools because there is a flight to quality, and there are more applicants per admission slot. Many applicants try to fix this problem by not only focusing in grades and aptitude test scores, but also using the admission essay as their way to get into school. However, many go about it the wrong way and also many face a wall of writing about themselves where some cannot even get started.

Overcoming hurdles of admission essay writing, the internet's leading source of free sample essays for admissions purposes has released a free resource to help applicants get into college, law school, graduate school, medical school, MBA program and other institutions of higher education. The resource is located at

This free resource helps students overcome the #1 hurdle to writing an admission essay: writing about one's self. The problem with writing about yourself is that we have been trained to be modest. A lot of times the polite approach to conversation that shows good character and a positive personal value system is to be modest and not talk about one's self and not to display one's ego. While this is great during interpersonal relationships and normally a great way of carrying one's self, this is not the approach to take when writing a personal statement or application essay. This is one situation where you need to talk about yourself, not hyped yourself, not oversell yourself, but talk about yourself in a clear, concise and honest manner. "Our resource helps the applicant get over the hurdle of talking about themselves on paper," said Shandra Leeson, media relations officer for There are psychological barriers and cultural barriers and social taboos to get over when talking about yourself. Americans tend to pride themselves in showing their achievements through actions, not words. The essay process requires you to reverse that process.

There are many acceptable ways to sell yourself through the admission essay and the resource helps the applicant through these acceptable methods.

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