Chromium 6 Hinkley California People will see you in court

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Hinkley, CA ( September 6, 2011 - The People from Hinkley, California are just about ready to commence the most massive litigation, ever, against Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E Corporation) and all Co-Defendants and Respondents, otherwise in support and/or co-conspiratorial, that will include many reporters (paid by special interest) for reporting not based upon regulatory mandates enacted into laws / due process of law , inclusive of seeking Criminal Grand Jury.

Myriad of Cease and Desist Memorandums (CDMs) [starting as of now] and Restraining / Injunction Court Orders.
Heavy Civil lawsuits, Class Action, Business Entity and heavily impacted individuals.
As well as Criminal Grand Jury. (here is just a tip of an iceberg: )

Whereas, EIRs? = NADA. Scooping? = NADA. MAQCB Permits-diesel eqp's = NADA. County Site Permitting = NADA. California Energy Commission Site Siting Permits = NADA, et al

So keep-on writing:

"At this time, 3.1 parts per billion is thought to be the maximum amount of chromium 6 that could be naturally occurring in Hinkley." "Amounts higher than that are generally thought to be the result of PG&E's past industrial wastewater disposal practices. "

Can you say that again, (being subpoena) under oath and penalty of perjury, in court of law, before the Jury ?

Since there is no State and Federal thresholds, strictly for the Chromium 6 (not total chromium), such illusionary, hypothetical and of no merit number 3.1 ppb is not only inadmissible but highly misleading, and now is declared as a criminal act, by any one introducing and/or reiterating assumed such number.
(In court of law there is no "assumed", so prove it on the contrary.

What is being established is that anything over 1.0 ppb is the detection level (based upon myriad of laboratory tests) for contaminated by PG&E ground waters in Hinkley, CA., thus that is the threshold being sought in both Superior, Federal District, even eventually before the Ninth Circuit and before the U.S. Supreme Justices. (Another word, until the end of self destruct.)

Can you reiterate: "Last month, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. officials announced 12 of 56 new water sampling wells placed beyond the known northern plume boundary showed chromium 6 levels higher than what is thought to be the naturally occurring background level."

Deliberately attempting to brainwash any one, will not result in any wining, on the contrary.....get ready for a Criminal Grand Jury. It is a lot more involved than: "In order to make sure the presence of chromium does not negatively impact the property value," Smith said, "eligible properties are appraised at fair-market value based on comparable properties in nearby non-impacted communities."

The People are, as well, to litigate: County of San Bernardino County's Assessor and Tax Collector, inclusive the Mojave Water Agency for collecting large property taxes and now the People from Hinkley wants refund of all property taxes paid for the past 60 years - - all real property in Hinkley have ZERO VALUE.

See ya in court.


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The People of Hinkley, California
(A California Ghost town contaminated 60 years ago with Chromium 6)

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