How to promote my Event with is set to be the grassroot marketing utility for event organizers and promoters around the world.
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New York, NY ( September 3, 2010 - is a network of hard working bands, artists, and events promoters working together, and helping each other to reach new fans, new audience to succeed.

When you have an event that needs promotion, you go to, to create your promotional materials (emails, banners, Flyers, Posters, SMS, you get the idea) and then you ask your peers to relay your message to their contacts. Your peers will pick your marketing materials and use their communication channels (mailing list, website, blogs, display spaces, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace profiles) to spread the word about your event. This is all done in one place, inside the GoodBuzz program.

That sounds great?

It's more than great, it's fantastic! Your campaign will be sent simultaneously to several peers with hundreds of contacts. Can you imagine that? Your promotion reaches so many people so quickly that your event becomes a success. You'll sell more advance sale tickets, pack your event, and stop worrying about people showing up.

Here's the best part, you don't pay your peers when they recommend your events, and your peers don't have to pay you when you recommend their event to your contacts. So it's a FREE referral network.


Believe it! When you join and build networks, you can access hundreds of people. In my GoodBuzz network, I have 40 peers. Those peers are all willing to promote my stuff. Those 40 each have about 500 contacts of their own. I reached about 32,000 people, through my partners and their contacts, for my last concert!

You are in good company when you use GoodBuzz!

* This month on an International Air Show promoter in UK generated $61,645.00 of advance online ticket sales in just 7 Days. $21,270.00 of Advance sale tickets was sold online in just 60 minutes after the promotion started on Within 24 Hours he had sold $43,793.00 of advance sale tickets. This single campaign helped the promoter build their list from zero to over 7,500 subscribers in 30 days.

* This month a t-shirt business enjoyed a three-fold increase in daily email subscribers. 45% of the new email subscribers bought a t-shirt within 30 days of subscribing to their list. Over the last 3 months this one man owned company has generated over $49,978.51 in revenue just from the deals page of community.

* A well-known humanitarian organization used to raise awareness on kids living in poverty in East Germany. In 50 minutes collected $52,903.51 online, reach 180.000 people with its campaign message for free, and has been featured on 5 national TV program.

* A group of 18 classical music groups in Paris, previously desperate to attract attendees to this orphan music, now enjoy repeatedly selling out their concerts weeks ahead. If you ask them how they feel since they have joined they will tell you "GoodBuzz is a magical tool" for events promotion.

* Hundreds of users of have also achieved amazing results including $105,180.00 of online ticket sales in less than 14 days for a Fall Festival in Hamburg, and $36,100.00 of advance ticket sales for a local Brew Fest in Brussels. All of the success stories above come from using the secret formula behind service: You are not always the best person to talk about your business, your vents to your prospect and clients. GoodBuzz helps find and join peer referral network who will be doing your marketing for you for free, to thousands of people.

Primarily, GoodBuzz is designed to help event organizers who don't have a lot of money to promote their event. Organizers use the GoodBuzz peer referral system to reach more people in less time than they ever thought possible. Recently, we have seen companies with lot more money using GoodBuzz, simply because it works better than any other event promotion system to attract people to events and sell more tickets in advance.

We discovered with our recent in-house survey that:

* Every event organizer using GoodBuzz has seen their event attendance increase by 78%
* 52% have events that sold out several days or weeks in advance
* 99% would recommend GoodBuzz
* 99% saw their event promotion cost decrease by at least seven fold
* Above all, they enjoyed the stress-free process of the GoodBuzz cooperative promotion system

Goodbuzz is a magical tool for events promotion. You have all of the event promotion tools you need in one place. Your partners are all there too, ready and willing to help you. What do you say to that?

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