Solid State Hard Drive - Madigan Announces Launch

With a seemingly endless variety of computers currently available, selecting one with a hard drive that best meets individual needs can be a difficult endeavor.
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Irving, TX ( August 16, 2011 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
August 16, 2011

Gilbert, AZ - Aug. 16, 2011 - With a seemingly endless variety of computers currently available, selecting one with a hard drive that best meets individual needs can be a difficult endeavor. has been launched by Kevin Madigan to provide consumers with reviews on solid state hard drives, internal and external hard drives, 2TB portable drives and SATA drives.

" is a leading online resource for solid state hard drives and SSDs," said Kevin Madigan, owner of the site. "Consumers will find reviews, market leading products and services, as well as general information about solid state hard drives."

Madigan provides individuals with essential information and timely reviews on hard drives before they shop, ensuring they obtain the type of hard drive that best suits their needs. Not all hard drives are created equal and the site explores 2TB portable and stationary hard drives, links to reputable companies with external hard drive deals and SATA laptop hard drives.

Solid state hard drives (SSD) are like other hard drives, but they store data differently than hard disk drives (HDDs) with which most users are familiar. HDDs use optical media or rotating magnetic disks. SSDs utilize non-moving flash memory. The technology provides processing and boot times that are typically two times faster than HDDs.

Everyone has heard about or experienced a catastrophic hard drive crash. SSDs offer a 90 percent lower rate of failure than HDDs and use less power to operate, providing a significant reduction in costs for consumers. They're smaller and lighter, making them ideal for people on the go. Madigan provides in-depth reviews on the three types of SSDs and comparisons of each. The site explores internal SATA laptop drives, which company has the worst one, the most affordable hard drives and where to find them.

Many computer users opt for an external hard drive to provide them with extra memory and storage, rather than adding memory to their primary hard drive. 2TB portable hard drives can accompany users virtually anywhere, use minimal power and utilize a USB connection. Solid State Hard Drive Review examines affordable 2T drives, along with the pros and cons of owning one.

Madigan's launch of Solid State Hard Drive Review enables consumers to find the information they need before they shop to ensure they choose the best drive at affordable costs. The site provides honest and impartial solid state hard drive reviews, external hard drive deals, along with SATA laptop drives and 2TB portable hard drives. Madigan has created a one-stop resource with all the information needed to help consumers choose the hard drives that best fits their needs.

Madigan can be reached via email with the convenient form on the website. For more information, visit the website at


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