Worm Bins Serve as an Excellent Tool for Waste Management

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New York, NY (prHWY.com) August 16, 2010 - With the world's current problems on waste management, worm farms are becoming the perfect solution for waste management at home.

Worm Bins Blog, a newly opened website focusing on giving excellent resources on worm bins and worm farming states, "As we consume more products and generate more waste over the years, the need for a more aggressive waste reduction also escalates in proportion, and composting becomes feasible in both large and small scales so that everyone can actually contribute to the green campaign."

According to an article from the blog, people can adapt the so-called vermicomposting, a method of recycling waste through the use of worm farms. Worm farms are simply worm bins that contain worms inside. "This method is a cheap and absolutely beneficial method of getting rid of our organic waste," states the article.

Worms inside the worm bins serve as the garbage-eating machine. These worms usually compose of earthworms, red worms, and nightcrawlers. According to Worm Bins Blog, these types of worms consume organic or biodegradable waste all their lives. Worm castings or manure become the end products of their digestion.

"Worm bins are easy to make. According to Worm Bins Blog, "all you need is a self-contained system, a suitably dark, dry, and warm environment, your household waste, and regular maintenance." Worm bins can be bought at local gardening and hardware stores, though one can build one on his own if he has enough time.

"Worm manure is noted to be one of the best and safest fertilizers," states Worm Bins Blog. Aside from being far more nutritious than the ordinary top soil, it feels and smells like good soil. Worm compost is a good fertilizer for fruit trees and vegetables. Its leachate, an odorless fluid drained through the compost bins also serve as a compost tea for plants.

Pamela Moses of Worm Bins Blog says, "Rather than just throwing off peelings and other organic wastes, households can create a worm farm and enjoy a healthy garden in their backyard. Through this simple effort, they will be able to help in waste reduction and contribute to the green campaign."

Readers who are interested in making good compost for their plants can visit http://www.worm-bins.net for more information regarding worm bins, worm farms, and worm composting.

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