The Kiplinger Letter, an Outstanding Economic Periodical in Uncertain Times

Making it easy to know what is going on in the world
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Wilmington, DE ( June 8, 2011 - MyReviewsNow is happy to announce their affiliation with The Kiplinger Letter. The unique perspective of The Kiplinger Letter looks ahead to what can be expected to happen, whereas traditional news sources look backward to what has already happened.

The Kiplinger Letter has been in existence for more than 85 years, successfully evaluating current world situations to predict what is likely to occur next. This is a valuable service for business people who do not have time to read multiple newspaper editorials and business sections.

Editions of the Letter are published weekly with unique forecasts on economic trends, what to expect from Washington, and on business. Those who subscribe to the letter also receive access to the online edition at no additional charge.

The Kiplinger Letter cuts through the unnecessary language to arrive at the message of an article or blog, and they report forecasts based on information from tens of thousands of U.S. newspapers, magazines, newsletters, journals, TV and radio stations. Added to this are hundreds of foreign-based publications and one hundred fifty million websites and blogs that present every viewpoint on a variety of issues.

Reporting in concise language and distinguishing object reporting from stories with a viewpoint, The Kiplinger Letter gets to the guts of the message while leaving the peripheral information out of their reports.

One of The Kiplinger Letter's spokespersons said, "We make a point of being nonpartisan, and we report what we see and the outcome as we believe it will be. We do not accept advertising to ensure the purity of our code of ethics."
Editors and writers for the Letter accept no fees when they are called upon to speak. The Kiplinger family has been editing the Letter for over three generations.

Inside, busy professionals will appreciate the concise forecasts that are to the point and written in simple language, making them easy to read while waiting for a subway or at lunch until your meal is delivered.

The Letter format is literally used with "Dear Client," at the beginning and a signature farewell from Knight Kiplinger, editor of the Letter. Subcategories such as "The World," "Sports Business," "Tech," "Financial Services," and others also add to the ease of reading and understanding the material in a short amount of time. Of course, subtopics change from week to week, but the familiar format stays the same.

Besides the basic Letter, there are specialty Letters available as well. Kiplinger's Retirement Report helps readers formulate a retirement plan based on sound advice and forecasts that affect investments. There are monthly reports that provide helpful tips on how to make retirement money last, growing retirement savings, and finding the best mutual funds.

There is also The Kiplinger Tax Letter for tax professionals as well as for non-experts who want tax advice with meaning. A subscription includes 26 biweekly editions with helpful advice on the most important tax breaks and other specific advice that most readers are not aware of.

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