Hire Virtual Assistants to Make Your Life Easier

Enjoy the benefits of hiring virtual assistants who carry our all non core business activities and gives businesses freedom to pursue core related business tasks.
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Stockholm, Sweden (prHWY.com) May 25, 2011 - Hiring a virtual assistant to complete non core business tasks is the best solution for anyone with a busy work schedule. The main advantage is the cost benefit businesses can enjoy by hiring virtual assistants to carry out every day time consuming tasks such as customer support, technical support, clerical tasks, phone answering, and message taking. This then allows business owners and managers to focus on more important tasks.

Benefits of having virtual assistants
Cost Savings
The Asian countries are more profitable to hire an assistant than the US and UK due to exchange rate differences and economic differences. The other costs saving benefits are,
* Computer equipment;
* Sick leave;
* Holiday pay;
* Recruitment;
* Training;
* Staff insurance;
* Retirement benefits;

Increased Output and accessing a wide range of knowledge and talent
The cost benefits allow for hiring large number of virtual assistants with different educational and cultural backgrounds from all around the world.

Focus on Your Core Business
Outsourcing time consuming and non core business functions allows businesses to focus on the most important priorities of their business.

Increased Workforce Flexibility and 24 hour service
The different time zone allows for a workforce working 24 X 7 and is more beneficial when the company is working with international markets.

Virtual assistants are managed by time management systems (reporting the log in and log out time) and daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Therefore virtual assistants can free businesses from non essential tasks and save valuable time.


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