ArtsREVO - A New Site to Sell and Buy Original Art Online

ArtsREVO is a new online art marketplace where you can sell and buy original art online from artists around the world. We support both local artists in the community as well as international artists. Our commission rate is 25% with no added fees.
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Sarasota, FL ( April 16, 2018 - What is ArtsREVO?

ArtsREVO is a new online art marketplace that offers original paintings, sculptures, photography, etc., in all styles and mediums, from artists around the world. They are quickly gaining a following from today's popular and emerging artists, and as a result, gaining their customers as well. They are expecting quick growth, as their artists prefer to promote ArtsREVO on their social media rather than other art websites, since ArtsREVO offers lower commission (25%) and no fees for signing up or posting artwork. In addition, while most other sites have a long waiting time to be approved as a seller (Artfinder's waiting list is 6-8 weeks), ArtsREVO approves (or denies) sellers within 1-3 days. They also offer 24/7 support to both sellers and customers by phone or email.

How Does ArtsREVO work?

Like other art websites, ArtsREVO allows artists to set up their own shop page and control all settings including shipping prices to different countries and continents. Artists can discount their work at any time to any price, for however long they want, and they can even upload videos of their artwork.
Signing up is easy--just upload four of your available artworks, enter in your basic information, and a short essay on why you would like to sell on ArtsREVO. Artists are accepted based on the professionalism and maturity of their artworks, as well as their ability to write comprehensively about themselves.
When buying artworks, users have the ability to filter by subject, style, medium, surface, and more, in addition to searching the database of tags associated with each work, to quickly narrow down their search to exactly what they are looking for. Buyers and artists can comment on artworks as well to encourage a sense of community.
ArtsREVO includes a 14-day free return policy, and after the expiration of these 14 days, the artist is paid out securely via Paypal on a bi-monthly basis.

How is ArtsREVO Different from Other Art Websites?

ArtsREVO sets itself aside from other online art websites in three primary ways: they have no fees except commission, they do not believe in curation, and they have a very active development team.
Most websites nowadays charge unexpected fees from the artist at every step of the way. Artfinder, Saatchi, UGallery, Etsy, Artmajeur, etc., all charge either a membership fee, a fee to upload additional artworks, or a hefty promotion fee to have an artwork featured. For example, Artfinder's new "paid promotion" feature gets an artist featured for a month--for about the same price as a month of rent in London.

And don't forget about the forced discounts. Have you just made a sale on Artfinder or Saatchi? Remember to check what your artwork really sold for--these sites will offer a buyer up to a 35% discount (which the artist pays). Add in the commission, and you could be seeing only a 30% return on your artwork price.

ArtsREVO, on the other hand, is entirely self-sufficient and does not rely on investors of any kind, so their artists will never any kind of fees or forced discounts. Since they don't have any shareholders to pay, the sales revenue from the site is mostly put back into advertising for artists and running the site.
Why? Because ArtsREVO believes that today's artists have it hard as it is. The founder of ArtsREVO is a physicist-turned-artist from Sarasota, Florida, who started creating art as just a hobby, but ended up selling full-time. She soon met other artists in the area and decided to form ArtsREVO with the primary goal of helping other artists and having fun with technology along the way. These artists are now on the ArtsREVO team, giving advice on everything from policies to advertising and promotion on social media.
Also, ArtsREVO does absolutely no curation, unlike any other website that I know of. They believe that curation is an overrated (read: pretentious) service of the past that no one actually needs. Instead, ArtsREVO believes that art discovery is an experience that is unique and specific to every individual. No two people view art equally, no two tastes are the same. Rather than force "the correct" opinion of art on someone, ArtsREVO encourages the individual to explore their own mind and form their own opinion. Therefore, ArtsREVO promotes every artist equally on their site and through their social channels and paid ads.

Additionally, ArtsREVO LOVES technology and development. They have a very active research & development team which loves exploring different ways in which they could make buying art easier and more fun for individual collectors and interior designers as well. Among other things, they are experimenting with AI to create a fun game-like interface for curious art buyers--stay tuned.

Lastly, we are more than just an art marketplace. We are real art lovers, who want to encourage art engagement in the community. Therefore, we are planning many community events, and are hosting an upcoming art competition for the local high school and middle school. Winners of the competition will receive a cash price as well as have their works showcased on our site for international exposure.

Interested in checking out our collection or becoming an artist? Head over to ArtsREVO - Buy Original Art.


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