Alutexâ„¢ Elite Pallet Protectors

Alutexâ„¢ Elite Pallet Protectors are reinforced thermoplastic protective panels manufactured by laminating skins on to chopped long natural fibers and a biobased polypropylene core. These panels prevent lead board damage, improving the performance.
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Nelson, New Zealand ( February 3, 2016 - Alutexâ„¢ Elite Pallet Protectors

J & A Horizons-October15th, 2015

Nelson, New Zealand- Tawaho Management Services, a sustainable market development company, in collaboration with American solutions provider New Composite Partners, has recently announced the availability of a long-lasting solution for damaged wooden pallets in supply chain and logistics management systems, Alutexâ„¢ Elite Pallet Protectors!

Experts say there are about 2 billion pallets in use every day. Pallets are used worldwide for the transportation of goods and approximately 97% are made of wood. According to the American-based William H. Sardo Jr. Pallet and Container Research Laboratory at Virginia Tech University and its director Dr. Marshall S. "Mark" White, 814 million pallets were manufactured or repaired with 800 million of those being wood pallets.

The majority of damage with pallets begins with the leading edge boards. Often called the "Achilles heel" of pallets, this is the most vulnerable and often damaged component of the wood pallet. The leading edge boards are estimated to cause over 75% of all wood pallet failures. When a pallet is picked up by a front end loader or forklift, the leading edge boards are hit repeatedly causing this damage. Most leading edge boards have a limited life and are usually replaced at least three times a year.

Alutexâ„¢ Elite Pallet Protectors are reinforced thermoplastic protective panels manufactured by laminating skins on to chopped long natural fibers and a biobased polypropylene core. These panels prevent lead board damage, improving the performance and life of the pallet therefore reducing the amount of pallet damage.

Alutexâ„¢ Elite Pallet Protectors are "Made in America" with natural fibers and a corn starch resin that facilitates the marriage of new biobased product development with sophisticated manufacturing skill and knowledge. The tremendous commercial importance of the composites industry offers a chance, by using products like Alutexâ„¢, to enhance the global environment by replacing petrochemical based products with natural, renewable based products.

Alutexâ„¢ Elite offers a flexible solution with the advantage of being able to select just the right combination of fiber reinforcement and resin material to meet both the application and property requirements of a finished application for end users. Alutexâ„¢ Elite Pallet Protectors can withstand roughly 48,000 pounds of impact and perform like new.

Alutexâ„¢ Elite Pallet Protectors provide an efficient way for supply chain and logistics management companies to manage their pallets. When a pallet can survive harsh environments and the daily rigors of warehousing and shipping, a multitude of opportunities presents itself. The pallet becomes an asset and not just an expense!

Alutexâ„¢ Elite Pallet Protectors are currently "Made in America" from a line of products offered by New Composite Partners. For more information contact Tawaho Management Services at +64 (03) 365-3373 or by email at


Tawaho Management Services is a trusted provider of environmental market development services. Located in Nelson, New Zealand; the company is proud to advise some of the most successful companies in the province. Tawaho Management Limited holds commercial rights for Alutexâ„¢ products in Australasia.


New Composite Partners is a company built on the assumption that there is intrinsic value in producing tangible products and services for industry which promote environmental sustainability by utilizing renewable, biobased, and recycled feedstock. Located in Edgerton, Wisconsin; the company maintains a solid core of business in proprietary offerings working with industry partners in the development, promotion, marketing, and sale of renewable products which are "Made in America".


Any views or opinions presented in this press release do not necessarily represent those of the company and are not intended to make defamatory statements or to infringe or authorize any infringement of copyright or any other legal right by communications. The company will not accept any liability in respect of such communications.

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