Environmentally Friendly Cellulose Polymer

Standard input materials currently used in the plastics industry have been almost completely petrochemical based. Companies are now seeking to substitute petroleum-based products, like plastics and polymers, with sustainable raw materials.
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Nelson, New Zealand (prHWY.com) November 3, 2015 - J & A Horizons- June 15th, 2013

Nelson, New Zealand- Standard input materials currently used in the plastics industry have been almost completely petrochemical based. However, this practice may soon be over as crude oil is getting scarce and corporate sustainability has emerged as a vital part of brand position. Companies are now seeking to substitute petroleum-based products, like plastics and polymers, with sustainable raw materials.

Tawaho Management Limited, a sustainable market development company, in collaboration with American based New Composite Partners, has recently announced the availability of a new exciting product to replace conventional petroleum based plastic resins for manufacturing, StrataPlast Câ„¢!

Carbohydrates can serve as a suitable replacement for petroleum used to make plastics. Carbohydrates are sugars and starches, which provide energy for humans and animals, and cellulose which make up many plant structures. One option for obtaining carbohydrates is to use biomass as a source as it mainly consists of cellulose. All plant materials contain a minimum of 25 percent cellulose with wood from trees a little higher, containing between 40 and 50 percent cellulose.

Tawaho Management Limited has access to a patented, revolutionary process which breaks down biomass into its primary components including commercial grade cellulose. The process can utilize any vegetation as its source including such things as waste wood to waste from commercial crop production. All of which can be used to produce 100% biodegradable plastics and composites. The extracted cellulose serves as a raw material for biosynthesis. Once broken down into basic components, we can then produce the necessary monomers from this to create plastic.

Derived from this processed cellulose, StrataPlast Câ„¢ plastics can be as durable and functional as traditional plastics, with the added advantage of lightening and strengthening the material, while still being environmentally friendly.


Environmentalists believe that the recycling and disposal of plastic waste is one of the greatest challenges facing industrialized countries today. StrataPlast Câ„¢ plastics can have a tremendous favorable impact on the environment. StrataPlast Câ„¢ is made from a renewable, natural resources. Whereas traditional plastics made from petroleum are said to take more than 100 years to degrade, StrataPlast Câ„¢ plastics can break down in a few weeks or even a few days. Furthermore, StrataPlast Câ„¢ is made from natural resources, when it degrades in the soil it returns certain nutrients back to the earth.

The environmental benefits of using StrataPlast Câ„¢ plastics include:

· Reduced generation of solid waste
· Derived from renewable sources
· Safely biodegrades, the degradation by-products are non-toxic


Plastic consumers have compelling strategic and economic reasons to replace non-degradable conventional plastic products with biodegradable and compostable plastics made from StrataPlast Câ„¢ resins. Despite its innovative nature, StrataPlast Câ„¢ plastic products can be manufactured using standard types of equipment common to the plastics industry. This means a modest capital investment is required for manufacturers to bring the technology in-house.

StrataPlast Câ„¢ is currently "Made in America" from a line of products offered by New Composite Partners.
About Tawaho Management Limited
Tawaho Management Limited is a trusted provider of environmental market development services. Based in Nelson New Zealand, the company is proud to advise some of the most successful companies in the province. Tawaho Management Limited holds exclusive commercial rights for StrataPlast Câ„¢ in Australasia.
About New Composite Partners
New Composite Partners based in Edgerton, Wisconsin, is a company built on the assumption that there is intrinsic value in producing tangible products and services for industry which promote environmental sustainability by utilizing renewable, biobased, and recycled feedstock. New Composite Partners maintains a solid core of business in proprietary products working with industry partners in the development, promotion, marketing, and sale of biobased products which are "Made in America".

For more information contact Tawaho Management Limited at +64 (03) 365-3373 or by email at info@naturalcenter.co.nz


Any views or opinions presented in this press release do not necessarily represent those of the company and are not intended to make defamatory statements or to infringe or authorize any infringement of copyright or any other legal right by communications. The company will not accept any liability in respect of such communications.

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