Neck Sofa, Inc., Introduces the new Neck and Head Support Pillow/Device

"Neck Sofa, Your Personal Comfort Companion that simply makes your life better."
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Port Charlotte, FL ( March 6, 2015 - Neck pain is a problem that many people suffer through with few ways to find relief. The recently launched Neck Sofa, is an innovative patented device. Designed to provide ultimate head and neck support and comfort. Manufactured with quality materials and attention to the slightest detail. Neck Sofa keeps impressing experts in the field of neck health and posture issues, especially those now facing symptoms of "Text Neck" Syndrome. This neck pillow has been met with positive feedback from users enthusiastic about its effectiveness and versatility.

"I've been recognized as a posture expert now for almost 20 years. As such, I have been presented with many products for review. I am very impressed with Neck Sofa. From the packaging, to the quality, to the actual design, this product meets and exceeds my expectations" - Dr. Joe Ventura, D.C.

Nearly anyone who has experienced moderate or higher neck pain can attest to the fact that it can quickly hamper a person's entire lifestyle. From limiting activities, to interfering with sleep patterns and draining energy the problem is not one that can be shrugged off lightly. Fortunately, a new breakthrough device is being credited with offering significant relief in this area, the Neck Sofa. This special formfitting neck pillow with a unique design and with a "patented inner molded support structure" that shapes the neck and head with precision. Users are reporting it as offering remarkable comfort and relief for a wide range of neck and spinal issues.

"Never settle for ordinary when it comes to your comfort and health" commented a spokesperson from Neck Sofa. "We didn't settle for ordinary when designing and manufacturing this product for you. Attractive, versatile, really comfortable, the Neck Sofa is the first and only and neck pillow with a patented inner structure permanently molded inside the memory foam to provide relief to the neck and shoulder area". We built it to perform and provide comfort for many years. According to the company, the product has been designed to help relieve muscle pain, stiffness, fatigue and tension by supporting the weight of the head and aligning the position for comfort and posture health. What we have learned is that prolonged use of today's technology devices are causing their users a potential life changing problem. The more you lean your head forward the more weight is forced upon your neck and spine. The spine begins to curve and the problems begin to occur, starting with headaches, respiratory issues, shoulder tendinitis and even digestive disorders. Forward Head Posture or commonly called "Text Neck" are real issues and should be a concern for all.

The Neck Sofa can be used in various sitting and sleeping positions, as well as in a number of lower back positions, making it truly a versatile and effective comfort companion.

Users have been quick to give the Neck Sofa very positive feedback:
Amberley S. from Alabama USA, commented "I spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer or my tablet during the day. As a mother, part-time student and aspiring author, the day is virtually consumed looking at a screen with my head tilted forward. I started to develop headaches toward the end of the day without a clue of their cause. Then a fellow student told me about an article he had read referring to "Text Neck" and the medical symptoms of spinal curvature. (Forward
Head Translation) That definitely appeared to be my problem. I found your Neck Sofa through a search on Google. Not easy though, had to look through either four or five pages for "neck support pillow" until I found you. This pillow is amazing and has really helped my posture. Thank you for a wonderful product that works. Lorraine H. from Newton Chester UK, recently wrote "We were very glad we found Neck Sofa for our Mum. She was suffering from ALS and we searched the entire marketplace for some product to support her head and add a degree of comfort for her. I found your product in the US and you were willing to ship it to us. Mum loved the pillow and used it every day until she passed in late November. I have since given it to another patient with MND and he is very grateful.

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