Hinkley Chromium 6 drinking water is also poisoned with Arsenic and Radionuclides-Uranium. Complaint before Cal/EPA, Record No. 26143.
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Hinkley, CA (prHWY.com) July 27, 2014 - Hinkley drinking water is hereby offered to the California Water Board staff from the exhibited containers. If it is safe, can the Board's staff drink it? What do you think? Highly unlikely!!!

Complaint is against Patty Z. Kouyoumdjian, Executive Officer, Lahontan Regional Quality Control Board, hereinafter "State of California Employee"

WHEREAS, the named herein State of California Employee, has stated to several residents from Hinkley, California 92347, promulgated in a letter dated July 18, 2014, a true copy of which is marked as Exhibit "B", attached hereto and incorporated herein for reference, the followings in quote marks:

"...the Hinkley community to reframe or revise the perception about the safety of drinking water in Hinkley because the level of crome-6 in current residential wells are much lower (better) than the state's drinking water standards. I am hopeful that the citizens of Hinkley can dispel health concerns about their community, not live in fear, and no longer be stigmatized by the past. Property value will hopefully increase..."
"a well is only considered "affected" when the discharge causes the water to exceed a drinking water standard."
WHEREFORE, The People of this State, residing in Hinkley, California 92347 and/or owning real estate properties in Hinkley, California 92347 has risen and hereby complaint against this State of California Employee, as follows:

1.First and foremost, what kind of State of California Employee is this one, promulgating not only unsubstantiated and inconclusive statements that are not based on total and comprehensive investigation, based only on the discharger-polluter PG&E's representation.

2.Thus, it is alleged herein to reminiscent totalitarian regime, that favors corporate interest, concealment of the true facts (by aiding and abating), with utmost disregard of the true facts, that in the Town of Hinkley, water wells and monitoring wells exhibits substantial poisoning with Hexavalent Chromium, Arsenic, Radionuclides-Uranium and many other toxic substances.

3.To asserts that "a well is only considered "affected" when the discharge causes the water to exceed a drinking water standard, addressing only the "crome-6" and avoiding to mention the Arsenic and the Radionuclides-Uranium, is hereby construed as concealment of facts. (For at least a year, said State of California Employee, has concurred that wells in Hinkley, California 92347, were also poisoned by PG&E with Arsenic and Radionuclides-Uranium, as a direct result thereof PG&E's In-Situ / Agricultural Operations).

THEREFORE, the People from the TOWN OF HINKLEY, respectfully demand that this State of California Employee not only rescind Exhibit "B" in entirety, until all wells has proven not to contain over the regulatory limits Hexavalent Chromium, Arsenic and Radionuclides-Uranium, by virtue of tests, but be removed from office until such time.

The People of Hinkley, by the People and for the People, for the PUBLIC GOOD, are now testing their domestic wells and exhibiting over the regulatory limits drinking water contamination for Hexavalent Chromium over 10 ppb, for Arsenic over 10 ppb and for Radionuclides-Uranium over 20 pCi/L, of theirs and of the Real Estate Properties owned by PG&E in Hinkley, California 92347, via Monitoring Wells. Property value will not increase, on the contrary, not only will decrease to $0, but inevitably, the TOWN OF HINKLEY will be the SUPERFUND TOWN, a ghost town.


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