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After publishing my first book, the emails poured in asking for advice on how to deal with their loved one's addiction. I decided to write this book to help those people and am now giving it FREE for 5 days only.
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Gold Coast, Australia ( March 11, 2014 - This book was written to impart some knowledge to the reader on how to really help your loved one through this particularly dark moment, where everything seems bleak.

Fortunately, this book is full of tips, and written by someone who has been through addiction and who has helped many loved ones through the journey from addiction to recovery. At best, my wish is that this book helps the reader pull through it all - with their son, daughter, Mum or Dad intact. At worse, my hope is that by reading this book, you can at least recognise their denial mechanisms and fill your own tool box with an arsenal of resources to help you live your life fully again. I hope that this book will help you inspiring them to change.

We all know the three main results of untreated and rampant drug addiction: mental hospitals, prison, or death. But these base foundations are only for the addict, as the families and loved ones of the addict also must suffer the profound realities that have engulfed the addict. The wealth of homelessness in the streets of today showcases a large mirror, much like the ones you see at the amusement parks, that reflect a distorted web of tragedy that extends much beyond the choices a person makes.

Just like the homeless, every addict presents this same web that entangles and suffocates. I have done my very best to compile research, case studies, useful and practical information, and easy-to-follow goals towards living a peaceful and happy life not for the addict but for the reader, that is slowly being killed by their loved one's drug, alcohol, gambling, porn, sex and toxi relationship addiction/s.

If your loved ones are not yet incarcerated from drug-related charges, mentally incapacitated from a burned out mind, then you still have time to help them kill their addictions or it might be that they will only be existing in your life through memories and photographs. Through your determination, the information in this book will help your loved ones recover.

Reviews from Maria's first Best Seller Book:

'This book definitely gets a thumbs up for me. The stories are told wonderfully and the lessons told make a deep impact on the human psyche. A must read so don't miss out on her inspirational metamorphosis.'

'This is an extraordinary book. Explosive writing. Before long it had me in tears. But it winds into positivity, possibility. We have all experienced something of the addictive - and perhaps not recognized it... It gets all the stars.'

'Brilliant story and what I loved the most was the toolbox filled with strategies and coping mechanisms to help those stuck in their own darkness start that journey forward one step at a time. A 'Must Read!'


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