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As the competition and the cost of living are growing by leaps and bounds day by day, students are in search of jobs. They are becoming so productive that they cannot even afford waste a little time. They are always in search of jobs, jobs which can
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Arizona, AZ ( November 17, 2013 - As the competition and the cost of living are growing by leaps and bounds day by day, students are in search of jobs. They are becoming so productive that they cannot even afford waste a little time. They are always in search of jobs, jobs which can be done in their part time for that extra buck. They are also yearning to make their resumes as long as possible, trying to gain experience and knowledge in their field of interest. 100careers compiled list of best summer jobs for students as follows...

-Freelance Writer

The work of a freelance writer teaches lot many things. A couple of these involve invaluable amounts of research and writing skills. And also, working as a freelance writer will teach you to write concise articles, in addition to learning how to construct them. Most of the media companies today, teach their writers basic SEO (search engine optimization), so that the company can get under the eyes of millions of viewers.
The pay depends on whom you are working with. On an average, a seasonal freelance writer should be earning anywhere between 250$ to 350$ a piece. The advantages of freelance writing is that you can pick as many or as less assignments you want. And you don't have a set schedule to work in. You have flexible times, which are not at all pressurizing.

- Server

Serving tables might seem hard. But not as hard as it seems if one has wonderful people skills and energy. There is some really good news, and that is that serving can be very much rewarding. One of the many things you will be learning as a server are to act graceful even during pressurizing conditions and maintain your cool with the customers at all times. As a waiter, your memory skills are also bound to improve. If at all you get an opportunity to work at a fine establishment, then you might be able to get some contacts of VIPs who frequent there.

- Internships

Generally, internships are unpaid. But there are also those types of internships which offer, though not huge, but meager sum of money. The good news is that internships are much more than mere money. What you get to learn out of these might help you to make enormous amount of wealth in the future. And also, interning in a company might solidify your chances of getting into it after you graduate from college. The better the profile of the company you are interning in, the better are the chances of you getting a high - paid job as those extra intern-profiles would put you far ahead of other applicants.
An internship just not shows the drive and tenacity you have, it also exhibits your experience and knowledge in your chosen field. A college education is crucial, but however, most employers want more. They want those people who are proactive and dedicated to their work, are disciplined and take corrective measures to avoid future mistakes.
They would also want you to completely understand the ins and outs of corporate culture, and that you know how to professionally conduct yourself for a corporate meeting.
But there is one lesson you got to learn when it comes to internships. You got to be choosy. Paid internships are more likely to provide you with a full time job than unpaid internships.

- Babysitter

Busy parents often are always on a lookout for reliable babysitters with whom they can leave their children. Being a babysitter not only gets you a decent income, but you will also be getting an opportunity to relive your childhood. Creativity and responsibility are the prerequisites of a good babysitter. Whatever you want to become after college, becoming a babysitter is something worth including in your resume. Having experience in dealing with children is always something people look upto. You can build your resume and contacts now, so that you can have wonderful recommendations you can offer to parents in the future.

- Personal care aide

If you want to be a personal aide, being good at handling people is one thing that is very much important. You will have the work of helping adults or older people to carry on with their basic needs. You will also have to render help to disabled, with more care. If it's mentally disabled people, then you might also have to help them with jobs like bathing and dressing. Even light housekeeping work is required. The average in 2010 was around $10 an hour.

- Retail sales clerk

If you have a slight knack for counting and retailing, then this is the job for you. Your job is to assist with the store operations in which you are working. This might include keeping a count of the products that move in and move out; the margin rates etc. You might also be wanted to help customers find their required products in the store; and also process their payments and bills.

- Product merchandiser

This job involves arranging and stocking the products in the store shelves. You need to see to it that the products are arranged in their respective places, according to the particular categories. You also need to take an inventory of the products that are being stocked. Some customers might need product samples, before they purchase the actual product. Handing them the samples, and ensuring their satisfaction is one key role a product merchandiser needs to play. A high school diploma in the field is recommended to take up this job.

- Pharmacy technician

Becoming a pharmacy technician requires basic knowledge in medicine and medications. You should be proficient in assisting the licensed pharmacists in dispensing prescribed medications. This job requires a lot of alertness, as you cannot afford to be casual in assisting the pharmacist as it might result in wrong medication.

- Housekeeping

The job of a housekeeper is to perform all the general tasks in a normal house. These include cleaning tasks, making beds, washing clothes, vacuuming floors in private homes and hotels etc.

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