Effective Marketing Strategy Using Online Mapping for Insurance Companies

Topo.ly online mapping helps in 4 major marketing strategies for insurance companies. When they create a map, they can keep up with the growing challenges in the industry.
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Naperville, IL (prHWY.com) November 12, 2013 - Insurance companies are in an unparalleled position when it comes to marketing. With no tangible products to offer, they should maintain to have a strong relationship with their clients. They also need a strong marketing strategy to help them keep up with all the challenges. To maintain a strong focus on the basics of effective marketing, Topo.ly online mapping can be used. It is designed to help companies in insurance industry to keep up with the growing demands especially in marketing aspect.

Denyce Kehoe is one of the thousand users of Topo.ly. When asked about how the features of Topo.ly helped her, she said, "I've spent over 20 years in sales for visionary companies such as Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine and Salesforce.com and Topo.ly has quickly become one of my top applications that helps me drive sales."

4 Marketing Strategies Where Online Mapping can be Helpful

Successful insurance companies can identify the winning marketing strategies by utilizing different features of Topo.ly:

Know the Market

Knowing the market means having a strong understanding of the target audience and the competition. Service organizations like insurance companies can effectively motivate that audience to connect with them. Using Topo.ly to create a map is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. Maps are powerful visuals that help the users to thoroughly understand the needs and concerns of their target audience.

Establish a Realistic Plan

Successful insurance agents do not just go out. They should have an in-depth knowledge about their target audience. Topo.ly features help in this regard. Users can add unlimited data sets to understand their target market better. They can also upload their Excel data all at once when they create a map then use the filter option. When categories are analyzed individually, they would have a clear idea of their overall goals and objectives.

Measure Effectiveness

Data analysis is highly important for insurance companies. As an online mapping service, Topo.ly makes it possible for them to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts based on the goals they have established. They can create a map of percentage distribution in different areas. Heatmapping helps them to compare the number of clients, competitors, and other factors on given territories.

Value the Feedback

For insurance companies, feedback is important. They can seek input from their existing as well as new clients about the services that they offer. In this aspect, Topo.ly allows them to embed their maps on their websites. When visitors happen to glance at the map, they would understand how the company is reaching out to its market. They can allow their visitors to give comments. In a way, they could become like marketing advocates. Their insights may be valuable and thus help in promoting the effectiveness of marketing.

When online mapping features of Topo.ly are used, insurance companies can generate the results they expect.


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