New Software From Translate Your World Converts Conferences, Meetings, or Webinars into 78 Languages

Voice translation changes the way businesses conduct conferences by introducing automated voice translation, subtitles and human simultaneous interpretation in 78 different languages.
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Atlanta, GA ( October 14, 2013 - "Voice Translation" offers a hefty leg up for businesses toward internationalization. With TYWI-Live (, as speakers or moderators talk, their words are automatically translated in up to 78 languages at the same time. In addition to automated voice translation as subtitles and automated voice, TYWI-Live also enables online human simultaneous interpretation by interpreters located anywhere in the world.

What makes this global expansion possible today is the unveiling of the technology called "voice translation". This software is compatible with desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Plus, TYWI-Live has its own easy-to-use low-bandwidth interface with built-in voice translation and subtitles that can be easily installed on a website.

To use the software, the speaker turns on the speech or voice feature of the device, then opens a web page, clicks in a field, and starts talking. TYWI-Live ( is compatible with Windows' Speech recognition, Apple, Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking, Android, Google, and other laptop, tablet, and smartphone speech features. Attendees may read subtitles or hear the translation as voice (computerized or human) by clicking to launch a second webpage. Each attendee may choose a different language on their favorite device.

Speakers located anywhere in the world share their knowledge and products internationally as never before possible. Attendees to a web event have become the "cloud listeners" from around the world who select their language of choice to read (translated subtitles) or hear (translated voice) of any webinar, presentation, or tradeshow. And the chat feature offers attendees the ability to ask questions of the speaker.
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About Translate Your World
Translate your World ("TYW") develops numerous online web software that function in dozens of languages with voice and text. The Translate Your World suite includes applications for webinars in dozens of languages, mobile applications for international conferences and tradeshows, media subtitling, and cross-language conversations. For information visit or email to contact (at)


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