Dr Christopher McNeil offers Metro Detroit Auto Accident Victims who Suffer from Whiplash Neck Pain Injuries the best in chiroprac

Following a ghastly auto accident in his youth, Macomb Township Chiropractor, Dr. Christopher McNeil now specialises in helping Metro Detroit car accident patients get relief from Whiplash Neck Pain injuries.
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Macomb Twp, MI (prHWY.com) March 31, 2013 - Macomb Twp, MI - Dr.McNeil is no stranger to pain himself. In his youth, he suffered from a debilitating car accident that left him in complete pain and agony nursing multiple broken bones. His treatment eventually led him to a physical therapist and then a chiropractor, where he finally found relief! Now a chiropractor himself, Dr. Christopher McNeil now specialises in helping Metro Detroit car accident patients get relief from Whiplash Neck Pain injuries. You can read more about his story at www.dr-christopher-mcneil.com.

"That's exactly the kind of trauma that can lead to neck pain. Whether or not the neck was diagnosed with an injury in a car accident, the jolt of the impact can wreak havoc with the bones and musculature of the neck." says McNeil, who works to assist patients with neck pain in Macomb Township and beyond.

He often sees patients suffering with chronic neck pain who cannot identify the start of the problem.
According to McNeil, the main causes of neck pain start with a major or minor trauma. Major traumas include auto injuries and sports injuries. Minor traumas are typically non-noticeable micro-traumas which add up over time. These micro-traumas are repetitive injuries associated with abnormal positions and repetitive motion. For instance, someone who constantly cradles a phone between their neck and shoulder, or the person who works on a computer all day long in a less than optimal sitting position may end up with a traumatized neck.

"When trauma exists it most likely involves one of three tissues in the neck. The most commonly injured tissues causing neck pain are the spinal disc, the joints of the spine or pinching of the spinal nerve."

The most common symptoms from injury to these tissues are neck pain, muscle spasm and restricted neck motion.

McNeil reports that many patients take over the counter pain remedies to try to relieve the pain, with little or no result.

The good news is that specialized chiropractic spinal adjustments offered by Dr. McNeil can help relieve neck pain in major ways. The chiropractic adjustment can unlock the jammed joints of the neck relieving neck pain. Also, chiropractic adjustments relive any associated pinching of the spinal nerves, releasing joint pressure which causes neck pain. Chiropractic adjustments gently move the spinal vertebrae which relieve disc pressure resulting from a disc bulge or disc herniation.

McNeil adds, "We use many different therapies to relieve neck pain in our office. The goal of each therapy is to assist in healing, addressing the root cause of the pain instead of masking it with drugs."

Therapies include: ice therapy, heat therapy, chiropractic spinal manipulation, massage therapy, cold laser therapy, electrical muscle stimulation therapy, and traction.

Finally, McNeil recommends rehabilitation through active exercises and stretching that help restore the neck to pre-injury status. This prevents the likelihood of future recurrences or permanent neck pain.

Neck pain sufferers, rejoice! Help is close at hand! If you have been injured and are suffering from neck pain, contact Dr. Christopher McNeil for immediate assistance with your pain.

As McNeil says, "It's our goal to create a pain-free Michigan. There's no reason to suffer, we can help!"

To find an office near you go to: www.metrodetroitchiropractors.com


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