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For any types of campaign such Email-Marketing, SMM or Direct Marketing need client's contact list. SWC List Building Software is awesome for client contact list building on any location or keywords.
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Brisbane, Australia ( March 31, 2013 - Most of online businesses success is depend on relationship. When you can establish a communication with proper client's your business will success. To make a relation need clients contact such: website, email, phone, or address. It's really a hard and boring that, you will search google or yahoo for client. For find or collect clients or company where you can send offer or build relation, Contact List Building Software is very helpful.

If you search google, yahoo or by other for "List Building Software", you will find more and more software list on free download. You will download, after software run you will see 99% clients name and email are spam. If you use these email it will be deliver failed.

Also there have great problem on free List Building Software. You can search and you can't save your search result. So it's really a boring work.

For establish your any types of online business need proper client.

SWC Hot Prospects is offering online contact list building software. This software is run in Windows and MAC. You can download it on Free Trial Version.

A quick overview of some of the benefits of SWC Hot Prospects:

* Your list builds in front of your eyes in seconds saving you hours of work
* You can return up to 540, real time, custom results per search
* You can do as many searches as you want and there are no additional charges... limited to 100,000 results searched per day
* The results come from Google so the results don't go out of date
* SWC Hot Prospects works anywhere in the world
* SWC Hot Prospects works in multiple languages
* You can export your results to a CSV file to do mail merges etc

Download the FREE Unlimited Trial version of SWC Hot Prospects List Building Software and see what results you get in less than a minute or two. Download from here:

Practice your own searches in whichever location and with whatever keywords you want and see the output information you will get.

All the instructions are in the software so just start clicking.

Only the PC version currently comes as a FREE Trial. If you have a MAC check out the MAC information

You can purchase from here:

For details visit our contact page

SWC Hot Prospects


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