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La, AK (prHWY.com) March 30, 2013 - A talk on the GDC in San Francisco in 2013, the former Diablo Diablo 3 game director Jay Wilson acknowledged that the auction house (including cash auction house auction house and gold coins) "serious injury to the game." Wilson said, the launch of the game in the BlizzardPreviously, the company had run auction house made ​​a few predictions: he believes that the auction house will help to reduce fraud, the auction will provide the players need the services, but only a very small amount of players will go to the auction house andwhich the prices of the items will also be the limit of the number of shelves and sales items.

But he said after the game's release, Blizzard realized that behind the two hypotheses is really wrong. As a result, almost every gamer (Wilson said, and now the game every day and there are about 1 million players each month about 300 million) has been used by the two auction houses, and more than 50% of the players is often visiting the auction. Wilson said that the power to make money is much higher than the game itself initially target kill Diablo, also hurt (game) items return. Cash auction houses around the game there is a lot of controversy, but "the greater damage caused by the gold auction house, Wilson said, because there are more players use it, but price fluctuations are more intense.

"I think if you can, then we will close it," Wilson said in conversation. But the question is "does not do it like that so simple," he said, according to Blizzard these players, the company "does not know" how many players like or hate this system. Wilson said that Blizzard does not want to delete may have a lot of players like functionality. However, he said, the development team is to create a viable solution, but currently do not have any other details can be disclosed.

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