Accounts Payable Workflow Solutions Offered by Tallega Software Helps Save Time and Money

Tallega Software is offering accounts payable workflow solutions, which will help individuals and companies save time and money. Instead of hiring more people, Tallega Software is recommending their automated software.
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Irvine, CA ( March 29, 2013 - Irvine, CA 92618, March 29, 2013 - Tallega Software is currently offering account payable workflow solutions, a form of automation software. This solution will help companies and individuals save time and money. The solution is great for the accounting department and many companies are choosing to use this software, instead of hiring additional staff. Tallega Software has a proven track record of high quality software. They have the tools and experience it takes to guide any organization down a successful path.

Many times, most of the content with any accounts payable workflow process is physical paper based. This will involve converting paper invoices into digital format in order to extract specific data from the page - regardless of the matter, it is a long and tedious process. Fujitsu has listed Tallega Software as one of their executive partners in order to benefit from their production level suit of scanners.

The features include:
*Perform image cleanup on all invoices
*When an invoice is scanned upside down, it is automatically rotated
*For colored invoices, it automatically adjusts the page contrast
*When scanning, it does not "multi-feed"

The four features listed above are important when using scanners in the office.

Any office can automate their system in order to increase the invoice approval workflow. This way, the accounting department will be able to do more and the company will not have to hire additional staff. Once the approval workflow is automated, the company will start to see true success of automated account payable workflow.

The workflow automation that Tallega Solutions offers is only just the beginning of what Tallega has to offer - they have a large variety of software that can help save money and time. Tallega Software is available to help companies and individuals working from their home set up an automated process.

About Tallega Software

Tallega Software is a popular provider of high quality automated software. Their software is used by thousands of companies and individuals throughout the world.

Company Contact : Derek Gerber
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Company Phone : 949-367-9860


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Company Contact : Derek Gerber
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Company Phone : 949-367-9860

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