How People Release Emotions In Hypnosis

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San Diego, CA ( March 29, 2013 - When I talk about releasing pent up emotions, this can happen in all kinds of ways. It can happen as a kind of hysterical reaction in terms of people starting to laugh uncontrollably. Again, take them out of hypnosis or at least let a little bit of that happen.

If it doesn't seem to be tapering off then just give them some comforting words, bring them out of hypnosis; let it stop; clear their mind for a little bit. Then do hypnosis again and, typically, that sort of reaction won't happen again. This sort of thing we've been talking about, the release of bottled up emotions is a pretty benign and mild thing. If you do trigger some of that off, and typically, hypnosis being such a relaxing and comforting state where inhibitions are removed can cause that to happen, then just let it happen. It's really not a big deal.

In fact, it's probably the biggest gift you can give to someone. You're basically giving them a great opportunity to blow off some steam and release some baggage so that they can get on with a lighter feeling and enjoy their life more.

Now you understand what abreactions are and the little cousin of abreaction, the release of pent up emotions. You understand that unless you have therapeutic training you how to deal with an abreaction to close the door on it gently without traumatizing the person again, and you know that if it's just a negative, pent up emotion that's being released that you can just let it come out and do that in a safe manner so the person has a release of tension and feels better as a result.

You'll be pleased to know that while abreactions are incredibly rare, so rare, in fact, you're unlikely to meet one, with these two things that we just covered, the release of pent up emotions or bottled up emotions and the possibility of an abreaction, you've covered really some of the most difficult or problematic situations or side affects of hypnosis.

You've just done with it; congratulations. There are a couple more things that I want to mention to you just so you have a complete picture of things, but really, this is it. You now know what to look out for; you know how to avoid triggering abreactions by sticking to the guidelines I've given you; and you know how to deal with an emotional response that has to be released in a way that's actually going to be safe and good for the other person. Review hypnotherapy course if you need to.
Just be sure that you understand the rules and above all else remember, whatever happens, keep calm, stay in control, and deal with it in a level- headed manner.


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