How to repair your cracked laptop screen

If because of some unfortunate situation you have ended up with a cracked laptop screen, the solution to your problem may be easier than you think.
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Sunshine Coast, Australia ( March 28, 2013 - If because of some unfortunate situation you have ended up with a cracked laptop screen, the solution to your problem may be easier than you think. You can fix it yourself, at home, without having to pay an arm and a leg for such services. All you will need are some tools, a new screen for your laptop, and around one hour to kill. So how do you get started? For this operation you will need a screwdriver, some quality glue, a credit card and a plastic container for parts so that nothing gets lost.

Before opening the laptop, unplug it and remove its battery. After you have done this, look for the rubber bumpers on the area around your screen and take them out. Place them safely in the plastic container and look for screws in the area where you took the bumpers from. Remove the screws, put them in the same container and pull the plastic edge from the back housing. Be gentle and use the credit card to scrape of the bezel from the back cover. It may be placed there with special glue, so be patient and take your time with this step in order not cause any internal damage. Remove all additional screws you see on the frame, unplug the screen from the laptop and remove it.

After you have finished this procedure, look for the number on the back of the screen and write it down. When you will buy a new screen, you will need to give the vendor this code in order for the new part to perfectly fit your computer. When it comes to purchasing laptop screens, you can either buy one from a computer store located in your town of residence, or order it online where you will be able to find it at a smaller price. Do not worry about having to wait too long for your screen. Companies operating such business can ship their products to all corners of the globe in a few days.

Once you have received your new screen, you will be able to replace it. Connect the screen's cable to the computer and check if it works before screwing all parts back together. Plug your laptop in and see if the new screen reacts properly. Unplug your laptop and put your computer back together by reversing the steps you did when you removed the cracked screen. Glue the bumpers back on but do not use any glue on the back case. If the screen happens to have a malfunction it will crash in a few days, so you will need to take it out and send it back to the company which sold it to you.

If you do not have any knowledge on technology or fear you can't do this by yourself, it is best that you ask for the help of a friend or a specialist. The internal part are extremely sensitive and if they are not manipulated with care, there is a high risk of causing more damage. Our advice is to be patient and follow the steps we described. Good luck!

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