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Hyderabad, India ( March 28, 2013 - Applications now have to encounter new SOAs, flexible APIs with multiple plug-ins and an ecosystem that is evolving at a mind boggling speed. Threats and risks increase with the addition of every new element to the software quality assurance checklist.

A security collapse not only breaks the workflow but also leaves a dent on the credibility and image of the brand. Minute slips in security testing have caused catastrophic losses to organizations.

Cigniti's security test approach takes inspiration from the design and deployment of test strategies behind some of the most challenging and enormous security test requirements in the IT industry. The web in itself presents many opportunities for penetration to such an extent that penetration is now a widely used testing technique.

The increasing scope of vulnerability, threat to data and privacy has brought in a new range of security test processes which integrate into the application itself. Continuing along the product lifecycle, security testing is being accommodated into new combinations with regression and test automation to match the requirements of the emerging scenarios.

With increasing load of data transmission into the infrastructure, Security testing no longer works as a blocking mechanism. The inclusion of Heuristic techniques into Security testing services has ushered in a new breed of test frameworks that flow along the application ensuring 24/7 detection backed by quick reports.

Having offered Security test services across verticals over the years, Cigniti has accumulated expertise in customizing security test services with reusable and scalable components. The components serve a dual role by addressing the demands of cost reduction with automation and accommodation of Big Data. Scalability is essential to mitigate risk while accommodating an increase in the volume, velocity and variety that accompany Big Data in the ecosystem.

Conventional test processes tend to stay on the surface and act like shields while enterprises demand a 24/7 unattended security test apparatus spread across critical gateways inherent to the application. Emerging test scenarios tend to present a complicated picture of business specific requirements that need to be translated into test services.

A one-time security test vaccination will become obsolete overtime. Instead, a vaccine approach to security testing backed by updatable frames and robust regression automation upgrades can help enterprises shift their focus from security concerns to core business processes.


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