How to ensure successful air transport from China to Australia

It can't be denied that air freight shipping has become an indispensable part in international movement. It is necessary to follow some useful tips on how to ensure the success of China air transport.
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shenzhen, China ( March 27, 2013 - In the international shipping, air transport is always regarded as the fastest way among the modes of transport. Besides, with safety and punctuality, most people need to move time-sensitive products by this type of shipping. It can't be denied that air freight shipping has become an indispensable part in international movement. Today I'd like to share you some useful tips on how to ensure the success of China air transport. Let's just take the delivery from China to Australia for example.

From my point of view, to ensure the success of air transportation from China to Australia, the first thing you do is to learn the basic knowledge on those important parts, which can be summarized as the knowledge of air waybill, the main process of consignment, air prohibitions, restrictions, and solutions for the damaged or lost goods. For the knowledge of air waybill, you need to know some common used air terms.

For instance, ATA means Actual Time of Arrival, CAO means Cargo for Freighter Only. The term of Bonded Warehouse means you can store the goods without time limits and without import tariff. Charges Prepaid means the shipper has been paid for the shipping charges. There are many other terms you would find when dealing with the air waybill. Hence, you should learn them before you are going to ship.

Besides, most people need to find ways to deal with their luggage when they travel to other countries by air. At this time, you will have to learn how to check the luggage. During the consignment, many people would doubt whether their luggage can arrive at the destination safely or not. It can't be denied that a great many of people might ever lose their luggage. Here I strongly advise you to apply the electronic tags to the air parcel tracking and management. Also, you need to make correct and distinct marking for the luggage.

As for the process of consignment, you can follow the guidance offered by expert freight forwarders or air shipping companies. Before making the consignment, you should check whether your products are in the list of the air prohibitions or restrictions. Also, it is essential to insure the goods when you need to send items from China to Australia.

In fact, before shipping items from China to Australia by air, many people may also be interested in the shipping cost that they need to pay. Here are some tips for your reference: to start with, you should find out the type of your goods. Since air shipping rates can be divided for three types, which include special cargo rate, class cargo rate, and general cargo rate.

Generally speaking, if your items are more than 100 kilogram, you should choose special air line. Class cargo rate is mainly used for the goods like valuable goods, books, catalogues etc. The minimum weight is 5 kilogram. According to the calculation of the general cargo rate, the weight above 45 kilogram would be cheaper than the weight below 45 kilogram.

To sum up, if you want to ensure successful air transport, it is necessary to learn the above basic knowledge. As it is known to us, most often, international air freight could be costly. If you want to find out or save the cost of shipping from China to Australia, more efforts should be spent on the calculating methods and shipping tips.


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