Ebook The Path To True Health And Optimal Wellness Promotes Eliminating Disease

The ebook is based on the science of epigenetics and the four areas where one can control their health, "Nutrition, Exercise, Environment & Spiritual". Russ Curran, the author says people can eliminate all disease and extend ones lifespan.
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Scottsdale, AZ (prHWY.com) March 26, 2013 - Scottsdale, United States - The foundation of Curran's Ebook is based off the science epigenetics. The discovery of the science of Epigenetics has scientists buzzing around the globe and thousands of scientific tests and experiments literally happening right now.

What scientists have discovered they are saying will have a bigger impact on human health than that of antibiotics over the next 50-100 years. Leading experts, doctors and scientists all gathered at the "Human Genome Project" back in 2003 with the purpose being to undertake a complete mapping of all the genes of human beings, known as the "genome".

What these experts confirmed is something they already knew, human DNA can't be changed. However, the life changing discovery they made is the layer sitting on top of human DNA, known as the "epigenome", "epi" meaning above, can be influenced and controlled.

Curran's ebook, "The Path To True Health And Optimal Wellness" covers the four areas that greatly affect the "epigenome" and they are Nutrition, Exercise, Environment and Spiritual. Curran calls them the "Four Pillars of Vitality".

He goes into detail on each of these four pillars in the ebook about the positive effects each can have on people's overall health. He also provides resources to improve each area in people's lives and discusses his own personal success story.

Curran helped save his mother's life from colon cancer in 2009 by treating her naturally and beating the cancer without resorting to radiation or chemotherapy. He wants people to know they have "options" and not to give into the fear of the diagnosis of cancer thinking that chemotherapy and radiation are the only way to go.

He provides an option for people to download Chapter one of his Ebook for free on his website. Curran also provides a video review of his ebook which gives people far greater detail into each of his four pillars of vitality for true health.

Visit http://www.epigeneticsandnutrition.com/ for more information.

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