Marked as the undisputed king of customer service High Mountain-Technical and Rescue Equipment introduced body gear that focuses on body shape as opposed to size.
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Ogden, UT (prHWY.com) March 25, 2013 - Despite being so young in the industry, High Mountain is already considered a veteran for "mad ventures" and youngsters who thrive by living on the edge. The dazzling testimonials that consumers gave regarding this small business, initiated the strategic apex to push its boundaries and venture into the deep sea. It has launched a line that primarily focuses on providing customized rescue gear for its clientele.

State-of-the-art technology fused with cutting-edge expertise has enabled High Mountain to break new grounds and discover horizons it never knew existed. Heightened by phenomenal growth, the sated employees of this organization are relishing a real life success story.

At the press conference, Chris Albert, Head of the Operations Division breathlessly said, "Rome was not built in a day, our tumultuous struggle and unobtrusive perseverance has allowed us to enjoy this day to the fullest. My boss started this venture with a few hundred dollars, but today I can proudly say that our turnover has surpassed even his expectations. Last fiscal year we hit our first million mark and this year we are aiming to double that target. is only the tip of the iceberg we fully intend on expanding even further and branching out to Europe and Australia."
A-list celebrities like Jodi Foster, Cameron Diaz and Hollywood's sweetheart Jenifer Aniston also graced the event making it a starry night of sorts. Strutting in a slinky Chanel jumpsuit, Aniston said, "I am not the kind of person who spends excruciating hours in the gym, there is a wild child in every one of us and mine comes out when I indulge in rock climbing. I think it's fabulous that High Mountain has initiated a line of snow rescuethat focuses on shape and not sizes. Finally, size does not matter!"

About the Company
Initiated in the early years of year 2000, High Mountain is a class apart that knows the craft of rediscovering youth. Despite cut throat competition, mergers and amalgamations of various companies and coerced takeovers, High Mountain stood strong and fought adversity in the most resolute manner possible.

It is such dedication, commitment and devotion that has resulted this company to bring to the end consumer some phenomenal rescue gear.


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