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Montessori approach to child care will help in enhancing the children's overall development.
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Saint Louis, MT ( March 25, 2013 - Montessori approach to child care will help in enhancing the children's overall development.
Montessori is an approach to the education of children. It is a view of how children develop and learn which has been translated into a systematic method of education based upon careful scientific study. Montessori child care St Louis is of various types.

Full time day care is one type of day care which is similar to crèche or nursery. This is a pre-school service offering structured day care service for pre-school children for more than five hours per day. It also includes a sessional pre-school service for pre-school children not attending the full day care service. The full time day care includes baby room; toddler room etc and the child will be allotted room depending on the age, stage and ability. Part time day care is another service offered under child care for pre-school children for more than three hours and less than five hours per day and also includes a sessional pre-school service. This type of facility also offers the same service as full time day care which includes play and sanitary facilities, pre-schools, play groups etc. Drop in care is another child care service which is for a short period and is mostly charged on hourly basis. In drop in care, the children are left for two hours and such services are located in shopping centres, leisure centres etc. Baby rooms are another type of child care facility which cares for babies of age four months to one year and the services include putting them to sleep and bottle feeding also. Wobbler rooms are other child care facility which caters for children from twelve months to two years of age. Wobbler rooms are used when the child start finding their feet and the major things happening in wobbler rooms are meal times, sleep times and lots of play. Toilet training is also given by the staff when the time comes for it.

Montessori child care St Louis also has toddler rooms for children approximately two to three years of age and at this stage the child will be introduced to more advanced equipment as well as arts and crafts and more structured daily schedule of activities. High scope childcare is another holistic approach that is based on learning by activity and socialising. Teaching is on the basis that children should learn through active experiences with the people they socialize with, the materials they encounter and the events they become involved in etc.

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