Nexsus Techno Solutions Announces Innovative Voice Logging and Computer Telephony Integration Offerings

Learn more about Nexsus Techno Solutions' recently announced innovative voice logging and computer telephony integration offerings.
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Andheri, India ( March 24, 2013 - Nexsus Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd has recently announced innovative Voice Logging and Computer Telephony Integration services. This is a service that is used to coordinate and integrate interactions that are provided through a telephone or computer. Often times, desktop based software will be used to assist this, which makes the experience more efficient and it provides automatic call routing. Nexsus Techno Solutions is a company that has gone above and beyond to provide this service and the software associated with it. Now, businesses around the world can make their communications more effective with these applications.

Some of the common desktop functions that can be provided by these types of applications include screen popping, dialing, phone control, transfers, and call centers. Screen popping is where call information will be displayed and a screen pop on answer will be provided, so that the individual working the call can find information and data right away. Dialing is also provided, where automatic dialing will occur, which is controlled by a computer. Additionally, there is also phone control, which includes call control like answering the phone, holding a conference, hanging up on people, are putting people on hold. Call forwarding is also possible with phone control functionality. Transfers are also a coordinated phone operation that can be provided through these types of applications. You can easily transfer between different departments of different parties, to quickly pass on clients to other departments of the business. Finally, a call center is possible as well, allowing the agent to control the various functions of the phone such as ready, busy, not ready, or on a break.

There are also other common functions that are provided as server functions, such as call routing, call reporting functions, and even voice recording integration. Nexsus Techno Solutions Products provides top-quality voice logging and computer telephony integration services and they do this all around the world. They can help your business be more efficient, more productive and more successful. If you want to improve the communication department of your company and make your employees more efficient at handling your customers, these types of services are essential. With voice logging, the telephone will be recorded and all of the audio will be converted into text, or other readable formats. Telephone lines, business radio channels, and lots of other types of audio systems are often recorded and done through voice logging. The Nexsus Techno Solutions Services help you set this up, so that your business can keep records of phone calls, improve the customer service department of your company, increase security, and even decrease the amount of errors that your employees experience.

Recording phone calls and doing voice logging can open up a lot of possibilities for your business. Keeping track of your employees and making sure that they are handling customers correctly is essential. Voice logging allows you to see exactly what they say and how they handle the customer service department of your business. If you are not happy with what they are doing, things can be changed immediately, so that you can fix things before they get out of hand.

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