Cloud Computing Growth Reaches a New High with its Wider Acceptability

Every enterprise wants to keep its data and applications secured and prevented from the potential misuse. The cloud computing security is the answer to this sensitive issue.
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Houston, TX ( March 23, 2013 - Michael Moore, CEO, Cloud Computing India, stated in a press meet in Mumbai, "The cloud computing technology is believed to be the greatest game-changing innovation of this decade that enables the cloud computing providers to offer unmatched hosting solutions at unbelievable price."
As a business owner, have you thought of getting your websites hosted and managed by using only a computer and a high speed internet connection? Now it is very much possible with the advent of the cloud computing technology. This wonderful technology not only reduces the necessity of physical installation and maintenance of the server hardware but also bypasses the need for procurement and licensing of the updated and relevant software and applications for the hosted websites. You get everything required for your virtual business platform from online. May be it is storage, application or the service; you do not require to go for high investment or need to put up great efforts.
Now the cloud computing providers are putting their best efforts to serve the online business community using this advanced technology. These providers offer solutions that make the hosted websites to run smoothly without any downtime. In the cloud hosting solutions, the hosted websites are managed by the multiple servers rather than a single server. Hence higher bandwidth and sufficient web space are available for these websites and the chances of server crashes and network fluctuations are reduced to a great extent. The cloud computing providers offer the on-demand solutions to the webmasters to help their business entities expand and reach success.

Every enterprise wants to keep its data and applications secured and prevented from the potential misuse. The cloud computing security is the answer to this sensitive issue. The cloud hosting service has added and unique advantages that others do not have. The basis of the security of the cloud hosting platform begins with its remote virtual servers. The physical hosting servers are more prone to various attacks from the viruses and hackers and the chances of getting affected by the natural disasters or calamities are more compared to the virtual ones. Also the internal physical theft and tampering cannot be completely ruled out that is not the case with the cloud hosting.

If a business entity considers the affordability and performances of the cloud hosting services, then it gets the reasons for such a high cloud computing growth. If you want to venture into the online business environment with limited budget, the service offered by the cloud computing providers becomes a suitable option for you. This helps you to enhance the productivity of business without making any big investment in near future.

Also you can expand your existing online business without thinking of the bandwidth or traffic overload issue because the cloud hosting platform supports the unlimited web space. The best part of the solution is the price as the user pays only what it uses and has the flexibility to control server resources according to volume of the web traffic. All these advantages contribute to higher demand for cloud hosting service and its growth.

Cloud computing India, one of the best cloud computing service providers, believes firmly to be a part of the present cloud computing growth by offering the cheap and quality hosting solutions to its clients


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