New Zealand Health Shop Limited is happy to announce that they are now offering a full line of natural sleep aids including Sleep Drops.
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Northcote, ID ( May 11, 2011 - NORTHCOTE, AUCKLAND, MAY 11, 2011: New Zealand Health Shop Limited is happy to announce that they are now offering a full line of natural sleep aids including Sleep Drops. These specially formulated Sleep Drops are created using the best natural ingredients, herbs and homeopathics to offer users the best night's sleep.

Natural sleep aids are a better option than over the counter sleep medications. All-natural products work naturally with the body and eliminate the risk of dependency and other negative side effects. Instead of waking up tired or having restless sleep, you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep while using products such as Sleep Drops. Natural sleep aids help with stressful sleep habits, constantly waking up at night, the inability to fall asleep and other sleep disorders.

Sleep Drops contain a blend of pure water, ethanol, glycerin and over one dozen natural herbs, flowers, botanicals and homeopaths. The combination of these ingredients that has been tested for five years is essential to the success of Sleep Drops. This product is available as one of the preferred OTC sleep aids for any consumer who enjoys natural sleep products.

Unlike traditional OTC sleep medications, all natural sleep aids are formulated to work with the body's natural processes including liver function and the nervous system. This helps balance out the natural sleep hormones that exist in the body yielding easy sleep for the user. Sleep is a vital part of human development. When we sleep, our bodies have the opportunity to relax and repair themselves. Internal organs take time to rejuvenate while the mind clears out the clutter of the day. The increasing stress in the average person's life greatly contributes to whether or not they are able to sleep successfully at night. Lack of sleep increases overall stress on the body and can lead to drastic fatigue, lack of mental clarity and weight gain.

Natural sleep medicine has become the preferred option of millions of consumers due to the fact that side effects of prescription sleep medications are not being discovered until years later. Natural sleep medications are filled with abundant plants and herbs that not only help balance hormone levels in the body but also give the body the vitamins and minerals that it needs to rest, repair and rejuvenate. Sleep Drops are successful for 90% of all individuals that use the product. It is a safe and natural alternative to traditional sleep medications. Natural sleep aids are more successful and completely eliminate the chance of addiction and side effects that are found with manufactured sleep aids. For more information on Sleep Drops visit the Natural Sleep Aids website at or contact Kirsten Taylor via email at or by phone at +64 9 418 0479.


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