Cheap Hosted Exchange and What You Should Look For

Remote hosted desktop services are gaining prominence in recent times. Find out how cheap hosted exchange services and what you should look out for.
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London, United Kingdom ( March 20, 2013 - Services like remote hosted desktop have changed the way businesses go about their operations. Not only have they become more efficient in terms of cost, they are also more easily manageable. If you want to go for shared services like cheap hosted exchange, there are a few things that you should take note of. For example, email hosting allows you to not only save on cost but to also get all the basic tools and features which employees need without investing too much on the enterprise. There are group plans that provide a mailbox, specific storage limit and syncing with mobile devices as well to allow the management to stay on top of communication channels at all times.

There are many cheap hosted exchange service providers that you can choose from. The cost really depends on the features that you get along with the accounts, which is why a well versed opinion will make it more cost efficient. The best service providers offer features such as the latest version of Microsoft Outlook along with other necessary desktop tools like calendar. Moreover, some accounts also come with tools for collaboration that enhance efficiency at work between teams working from different locations or colleagues contributing at different times. The accounts also come with other features like mail security with anti-virus and anti-spam protections that come free of cost. Maintenance and troubleshooting expertise and support is also provided in most cases. Remote hosted desktop too is another way of sharing resources and enhancing the possible work flexibility.

With cheap hosted exchange services providers as well as with remote hosted desktop, there are two important problems that are resolved. Firstly, with shared resources through a web based portal, employers can definitely save a lot more on hardware and apps, along with maintenance. The second pertinent problem that is resolved is that of flexibility of work arrangement. With hosted mail exchange and a hosted desktop, employees can actually get involved with the system irrespective of where they were, as long as they have a reliable internet connection. It is important though to check if the hosted mail exchange account comes not just with access to contacts and calendar schedules but also with tools to schedule meetings. The easier it is to share information actively, the more beneficial the hosted exchanges would be.

Apart from the apps and support that come with cheap hosted exchange or even with remote hosted desktop, the cost of day to day maintenance becomes important as well. In that way, cloud desktops give the added advantage of paying only for resources that have been used. Some accounts even come with Blackberry licenses depending upon requirements. With cheap exchanges, employees can access mails and data in emails at all times, whether they are at home or at a vacation. Besides, it is also easier to check scheduling on calendars and get timely alerts which might be missed out without such a setup. Intranet portals and SharePoint are also included in some accounts depending upon the plan that is available.
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