Offers Impressive New Income Training Program To Families Hard Hit By Economy

For years, New York based entrepreneur Will Rodriguez struggled to find new ways to grow his home-based business in the health and wellness field.
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Bergenfield, NJ ( March 20, 2013 - For years, New York based entrepreneur Will Rodriguez struggled to find new ways to grow his home-based business in the health and wellness field. He bought lists, relentlessly networked among friends and family, rose early to cold call warm leads and prospects, and still struggled.

Now, he says, those days are over. Thanks to painstaking internet research and the follow-up verification he conducted, Rodriguez says he's discovered a powerful new method to make consistent, reliable money online. And Rodriguez, who has always believed in sharing the wealth and in giving back to his community, has vowed to share his new found success with others. All anyone has to do to avail themselves of what he has learned, he says, is to contact him.

"I understand what it's like when bills are overdue, you need to find easy ways to make money, and make money fast, because not too long ago, I was there myself," says the self-effacing husband and father of two.

"But the fact is, this system works. And absolutely no one has to take my word for it. Anyone can simply go online, try it out, and quickly prove it to themselves!"

Last year, while searching for the best ways to make money online, Rodriguez stumbled across a site that offered to train anyone to make money by blogging simply by making use of an automated system that he says was inexpensive to get into, easy to set up, and simple and effective to manage and administer. And Rodriguez says he's never looked back since.

"I didn't want to return to a life of mediocrity," Rodriguez reflects. "I'm really glad I didn't give up."

Like many, Rodriguez was initially skeptical. But risking only $25, he decided to sign on to investigate further, and in September 2012, even bought a plane ticket to attend his first Empower Network marketing and personal growth summit in San Diego, where he says he was surrounded by a community of fast growing entrepreneurs from whom he learned critical success strategies. "Since then, it's been a life of magic," Rodriguez states.

At the conference, Rodriguez says he learned simplified, unique approaches as to how to generate consistent internet traffic and leverage those at the conference and their assets, brand, and resources to become a true master at driving targeted, reliable, scalable website traffic to his site.

Rodriguez now attributes his new lifestyle to the system he's studied, which for the past 15 months, he says has allowed people worldwide to tap into the power of the internet to earn extra income while eliminating the technical aspects and information overload that typically stands in the way of their success.
"When I learned that 95 percent of those who tried this system were making money with it, I was floored," Rodriguez notes. "But the fact is, in just fifteen months, the backbone of this system, the Empower Network, has risen to rank in the top 447 most popular websites in the world and has become one of the top 159 most visited web sites in the U.S. Anyone with a computer can go online to verify these facts."

According to Rodriguez, a number of important features makes the system different from so many others that make empty promises to get-rich-quick online. "First, the $25 entrance fee is easily affordable, particularly when you consider that this system promises to pay out 100% commissions - unheard of in the online marketing industry," Rodriguez says. "Second, the blogging system comes right out of the box ready to go, done for you, and can be setup by anyone with little to no technical skills to get started blogging to make money immediately," he observes. "It eliminates the frustration, guesswork, and learning curve that the vast majority of online marketers otherwise experience."

"Third, the program adds a massive amount of new content daily, which the major search engines love. And finally, the program provides an extensive library of latest cutting edge internet marketing and wealth creation training webinars through its back office support."

Rodriguez says some practicioners of the system have claimed to be getting as many as 389-759 leads per day, which translates to a viral blogging system that has claimed to generate as many as 10 to 30,000 new members a month; one site using the system recently claimed to sign up 70,000 new customers within a year.

"Studies show that since the Great Recession hit in 2008, over 60 percent of Americans are seeking new ways to make additional income," Rodriguez notes. "That translates to about 200 million people. So I feel like I've only scratched the surface here, because I know this system works!"

Fellow Empower Network graduate Lawrence Tam recently announced that he finally quit his job as a burnt out engineer after making over $600,000 with the system, which he points out is easily available to average people searching desperately for a better way to make money online.

Val Rocha, an Empower Network graduate from Brazil, recently boasted that he made over $1500 in net profits in a single day thanks to the solo ad traffic services for Empower Network that he provides.

And Shaqir Hussyin, founder of an award-winning direct response business, who claims to have a subscriber base of up to over 400,000 subscriber's that follow his teachings, rants, "This program provides hope and actionable steps for high level success and financial freedom using an easy to use, done for you, proven system."

To learn more about how you can take advantage of one of the most popular "done for you" internet marketing systems on the web today, visit:

Or Contact: William Rodriguez
Join The New Wealthy
110 Blauvelt Ave.
Bergenfield, NJ 07621


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