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KMPlayer is a lightweight audio and video player for Windows that supports a wide range of different file formats. Learn more about it inside the article.
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Ontario, Canada ( March 18, 2013 - KMPlayer full download software is excellent free-format media player. It is a lightweight video and audio player that is supported with different file formats. KMPlayer full download software is supported by MKV, FLV, AVS, WMV, AVI, and ASF. KMPlayer is more efficient to use than other multimedia player that can be downloaded for free. Unlike other multimedia players KMPlayer features update of Winamp, iTunes, and Windows Media player. KMPlayer could be the ticket to ballooning alternative apps.
KMPlayer full download software is similar to UMPlayer app, The KMPlayer video playback is hassle free and quick because of its minimalist interface feature it has also small footprints similar to UMPlayer. The player is designed with fully skinable interface and nice aesthetic touches. One of the aesthetic features of KMPlayer is that the color of the screen changes when new tracks are played. You have also wide range of option in customizing your KMPlayer such as Plug-ins, playback options, and visualization.
KMPlayer full download software can handle both audio and video files in different file formats. Once you have installed the audio or video file on the player you don't need to change the file format. Unlike other player you have to change the format of the file in order to become compatible on the player. KMPlayer video playback is very impressive the processing tools equipped on the player could allow you to apply filters, change picture properties, and take video captures. For those people looking for a lightweight audio and video player that can be customized according to your will KMPlayer full download software could be the best for you.
KMPlayer Full Download Software Recent Changes and Feature
* 3D format supported
* 10-bit H.264.Supported
* Thumbnail Extraction from FLAC file
* Intel Wi-Fi supported
* MP3, WMA and FLAC enhancement of thumbnail display
* Fixed Winamp plug-in
* Fixed Intel Codec H.264
* Fixed ColorSpace bug
* KISA provide EIP register Corruption Vunerability
* Windows 7 fixed desktop mode view
* EVR(CA) correction screen display
* MKV Skip Problem
* MOV file error connection
KMPlayer Complete Plug-ins List
* Winamp DSP plug-ins
* Winamp input plug-ins
* Winamp general plug-ins
* Winamp visual plug-ins
* DScaler Filter Support
* KMP video plug-ins
KMPlayer full download software is very efficient to use you can benefit from the wide range of features of the product. It is highly customizable. You can customize the player according to what you want. 3D themes and graphics are available to make your player look cool. The resources are very light because it is a freeware, you can download the software from the company website. The best thing about KMPlayer could be the feature that it can play all types of file format. The hassle of changing the format of the file in order to play on your player is very irritating and time consuming. Through KMPlayer you can install files and play it instantly.
If you are looking for the best audio and video player KMPlayer could be the right one for you. It plays all kind of file formats so well.

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