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Journals from OMICS Group can be accessed for free by members of the scientific community that is instrumental in learning pursuits.
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Los Angeles, CA ( March 18, 2013 - The OMICS Publishing Group is a publisher of Open Access scientific journals and events organizer. The vision of OMICS is free flow of scientific knowledge without barriers, and to facilitate interaction of members of the scientific and learning community at a physical location. OMICS Group handles regular issues of peer-reviewed scientific journals in various disciplines.

The OMICS Group provides open access scientific literature to play a supporting role in the progress of scientific research. Conferences organized by the OMICS Group are intended to gather scientists and practitioners along with industry experts at pre-determined venues to share latest updates in various specializations of scientific research covering medical sciences, nanotechnology, physiology, engineering and mathematical applications.

Journals from OMICS Group can be accessed for free by members of the scientific community that is instrumental in learning pursuits. Manuscripts submitted by authors re reviewed by members of the Editorial Board before acceptance, and are published along with the date of submission. The authors are awarded scientific credits based on the number of manuscripts reviewed.

Copyright permissions for OMICS journals are governed by the norms of the Bethesda Statement under Open access model. This enables availability of scientific literature for quick reference and retrieval by budding scientists. The contents of each journal can be translated in several languages using links provided with download options. About 250 journals spanning from medicine, chemistry, biophysics, surgery, nanotechnology and computers are presented by the OMICS Publishing Group.

The OMICS conferences are planned well in advance with an overall theme and abstracts are invited accordingly from professors and researchers from known universities. The scientific meets held by OMICS usually last three days including the keynote address and the panel discussions. The papers presented at the event are also published in the special issues of the associated OMICS journals.

For the betterment of research and the overall progress of scientific discoveries that make human life easier through application of latest techniques, OMICS Group contributes its best by removing barriers to knowledge sharing and organizing events that are meaningful and interactive.


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