Compounded Cosmeceuticals Can Help You Look and Feel Younger

Thousands of people each year turn to cosmeceuticals to help them look and feel younger.
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Costa Mesa, CA ( March 18, 2013 - Thousands of people each year turn to cosmeceuticals to help them look and feel younger. These are applications and medications that can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and a loss of collagen. Many of these cosmeceuticals are available over the counter in pharmacies and through online purchases, and many of them are effective. The popularity of cosmeceuticals has grown in recent years and more people are choosing to purchase compounded cosmeceuticals over pre-manufactured ones.

Just What Are Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products and applications that claim to also have pharmaceutical tendencies. They are like a mixture of cosmetics and medications. The goal of cosmeceuticals is to help restore the appearance of youth and natural beauty and to reduce the signs of aging. They are supposed to help the user reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other age-related signs. They are also supposed to help repair the damage caused by lost collagen, a loss of elastin and thinning skin. They can even be used to help reverse the signs of hyper-pigmentation. The result is younger looking and healthier skin. Cosmeceuticals contain bioactive ingredients that are supposed to help the body naturally repair the damages of aging. Their goal is to alter the structure of the skin and improve the skin's natural functions in order to produce the desired results. Examples of some of the classic ingredients that are found in many types of Cosmetic compounding include enzymes, vitamins, peptides, anti-oxidants, stem cells, ceramides, herbs, minerals and sometimes essential oils.

What is the Difference Between Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are designed to help repair the damage to the skin caused by the natural aging process. Cosmetics are generally used to cover up the appearance of these skin damages. Some compounding creams however will contain some bioactive ingredients that are also supposed to help the body heal aging damage. Cosmeceuticals usually contain a larger percentage of these bioactive ingredients than cosmetics and therefore, are more effective ways to heal age-related skin damage.

What Are Compounded Cosmeceuticals?

There are many different types of cosmeceuticals available on the market today. These products are pre-manufactured with set amounts of bioactive ingredients and other fillers. Many of these pre-packaged brands of cosmeceuticals work fine, but some people prefer a more customized approach. Cosmeceuticals are more effective when they are specifically designed for a specific person. Some people will benefit from more Vitamin E or more Sodium Hyaluronate than other people will. The dosage amounts of the bioactive ingredients may also differ from person to person. Compounded cosmeceuticals are specifically created for each individual customer. Their dosage amounts and active ingredient levels may be different for each customer. Compounded cosmeceuticals are fully customized for the person who orders them, and are created based on the individual needs and specifications of the individual. These cosmeceuticals are customized in a sterile pharmacy environment according to strict protocols and guidelines to ensure safety. Only pharmaceutical-grade components are used as well and these products can be non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic if necessary. Many people prefer compounded cosmeceuticals over pre-manufactured ones.


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