Hardware Keylogger: A Necessity in Today's World

The information about different types of hardware keyloggers provided over here will surely be a guide for the ones who does not have much idea about a hardware keylogger.
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Belmont, CA (prHWY.com) March 18, 2013 - Infinite numbers of electronic devices exists in the world of science and technology. One such device which has a very effective application in the present days is a keylogger. It can be broadly classified of two types, hardware based keyloggers a software based keylogger. Both the types of keyloggers are not possible to focus vividly over here. So, an over view and some of the details about hardware keylogger is provided in this article.

Brief overview:

A hardware keylogger or a hardware keystroke recorder is an electronic device whose main function is to capture and record keystrokes from different types of keyboards. It can record from an USB keyboard as well as from a PS/2 keyboard. Recording of typed data and video files both can be recorded by hardware keyloggers but the function of them varies differ from one type to another.


There are various types of hardware keyloggers. Some of the hardware keyloggers with brief details of them are provided over here. They are as follows:-
USB KEYLOGGER - It has a huge memory capacity up to 2 GB which is organized in the form of an advanced flash file system. The memory of this device is protected with a strong encryption of about 128 bits. It is compatible to work with any USB keyboard, even with the ones which have built in hubs. It possesses a very high speed of downloading the contents which is at about 125 KB per second. It is considered to be compact, fast and smart device.
PS/2 KEYLOGGER - It also possesses a huge memory capacity up to 2 GB which is organize in the form of an advanced flash file. 128 bit strong memory protection is also available in this hardware keylogger. Undetectable scanner for security is available too. It serves a super fast speed of downloading the contents of the memory with the application of USB Download Accelerator. This device is considered to have endless functional options.
Wi-Fi KEYLOGGER - It serves a connection from background to the Internet over an access point that exists locally. It can record e-mail reports automatically with the records of the keyboard. It is known to support encryptions of WEP, WPA and WPA-2. It is generally said to have the state of the art technology.
VIDEO LOGGER - This hardware keylogger is compatible with DVI, HDMI and VGA devices. It can work with computers as well as laptop monitors. No external power supply is required in this device as the power is drawn from the USB port of the computer. It supports very high resolution of the video files that are to be recoded. It has a built in JPEG encoder.
There are many other hardware keyloggers namely time-stamping Keylogger, Nano Keylogger, Module Keylogger, Rs232 Logger, Open Source Keylogger And Diy Wireless Keylogger.

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