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It is surprising how many investors when asked the question "what do you look for in an investment?" don't really know the answer and don't really care to think about it either.
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UK, United Kingdom ( March 17, 2013 - It is surprising how many investors when asked the question "what do you look for in an investment?" don't really know the answer and don't really care to think about it either.
Steve Jobs grew Apple to becoming the world's highest valued company with a market cap of over $600bn.
He achieved this because he successfully managed to tell people what they needed rather than simply satisfy a demand.
In this article I will discuss what the investor needs to look for in Real Estate Investment. I am no Steve Jobs and what I say is no innovation but just basics which many investors often miss.
Let us look at the definition of Investment to begin with:

is putting money into something with the expectation of gain, that upon thorough analysis, has a high degree of security for the principal amount, as well as security of return (within an expected period of time).In contrast putting money into something with an expectation of gain without thorough analysis, without security of principal, and without security of return is speculation or gambling.

Let me explain the relevance and importance of what I have highlighted above, "security for the principal amount" and "security of return" .
If you have any investments at present be it Financial Markets (e.g. Forex, Futures, Options, Stocks/ Shares), Real Estate (Residential, Commercial, Land), Business (e.g. Angel, Partner, Advisory), Premium Bonds, Antiques, Collectors, Memorabilia; is the investment and the return on the investment secure? in most cases the answer will be NO.
This is what made me launch USA Real Estate investing, which I have managed to set up as a truly differentiating opportunity, to the extent that I am in the process of setting up a hedge fund in the region of £50m for professional investors to benefit from.
Why Invest in the US Property Market?

Among the major property markets around the world it is the US that is leading the way in terms of sales and prices increasing and in 2012 certain 'hot' states saw prices and sales surpass expectations. 2012 saw many Hedge Funds and substantial institutional investment enter USA.

Experts believe that 2013 is set to be the year when the US real estate market moves well into recovery so investor interest is likely to be at its highest for many years.

US Economists have become more bullish in recent months in terms of home prices. Indeed, the September 2012 Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey, which compiles responses from a diverse group of economists, real estate experts and investment and market strategists, was the most upbeat it has been since 2010 when short term home buyer tax credits boosted the sales market.

The extent of the property and economic crash in the US meant that many homes were abandoned by people who could no longer afford to pay their mortgages and were repossessed by lenders and banks.

Real estate investment guru Warren Buffett is among the high profile experts who are currently advocating that investing in real estate is a better option than other assets at the moment. 'If I had a way of buying a couple of hundred thousand single family homes I would load up on them,' he said recently.

This is where my expertise comes in. Over the last 3 ½ years, I have been buying and "packaging" small residential investments for myself and friends/ family. I recently offered this service through public speaking arrangements. It has received phenomenal recognition and I have assisted many set up their USA Investment Business to return substantial profits averaging 15% plus per annum plus equity growth.

The rental return is secured often by government backed tenants.
To summarise, ensure that your investment is secure, ensure that your returns are secure and make sure you look to spread your investment portfolio to the USA. I am happy to assist any reader that would like to discuss this further: I can be reached on


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