Types of Sewer Pipe Louisville

There are different types of sewer pipes used and each has its own strength and weakness.
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Charlotte, AK (prHWY.com) March 16, 2013 - Sewer pipe is a separate underground carriage system for transporting sewage from houses and commercial buildings to treatment or disposal. Sewer pipe help to reduce the incidence of disease and speed up the conveyance of sanitary waste. Sewer pipe Louisville is made of variety of materials like PVC, cast iron and orange burg.

Orange burg pipe is constructed of coal tar impregnated with wood fibre and typically ranges in size. This pipe is notorious among plumbers for collapsing because of its relatively soft material construction. This softness is the disadvantage of this type of material and which led to abandoning this material in favour of less organic and harder materials. Cast iron pipes come in a variety of diameters and two different weights, service weight and extra heavy weight. Cast iron sewer pipes also come with one or two hubs which are used to connect one length of pipe to another. This type of pipe is good in maintaining water pressure but the disadvantage of this type of pipe is that it rots, so frequent replacement is necessary many times. PVC pipe are another type of pipe which are used for sewer purpose and the advantage of this type of pipe is that it can be custom manufactured to any diameter, thickness or length and they join easily with exterior PVC lengths. The other advantage of PVC pipe is that it is highly shock absorbent and remains in operation when exposed to chemical compounds which make it ideal for installations in earthquake zones or other disaster prone areas. ABS is another type of material that is used to make sewer pipe. This is a plastic derivative material and most often seen as a black pipe. This material is extremely durable and heat resistant, but it can be affected by ultraviolet rays. ABS and PVC are not used together in sewer lines because of their different expansion rates.

sewer pipe louisville also has clay pipes which are heavy, rigid and brittle. The clay pipes needs a solid dry base to rest on it to for the stability and proper functioning of the drainage system. When drain leaks into the environment surrounding the pipe, the supporting ground and under the pipe turns to mud and the heavy clay pipes start to sink further into the ground. The clay pipes are so rigid and brittle, so it takes only a small shift for the pipe work to start breaking and cracking


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